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5 Things To Do When The News Is Just Too Much

If you're anything like me (and market research shows, you are) your Facebook feed is currently a non-stop deluge of pure awful. Regardless of what side of the aisle you stand on, it's impossible to get away from the vitriol being spewed over social media. Here are a few ways to gather your bearings when it becomes too much to handle.

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1. Get involved!

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Anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed can often stem from thinking that you are not in control. Thanks to movements such as Black Lives Matter and more recent protests such as the Women's March activity in activism is at an all time high,

Gone are the days of moaning from your armchair. Get out there and voice your beliefs, pester your representatives on EVERY level until they quake in fear at the sight of your name in their inbox.

Motivated to enact change yet lazy? There's an App for that!

2. Take a load off!

Perhaps you've already taken up the good fight and have marched and shouted and stomped out all of the oppression you could get your hungry hands on. That's awesome. Thank you, you're incredible and more people should be like you. THAT BEING SAID you are still unfortunately just a human, and humans need breaks.

I know, I know, If the people making the world worse aren't taking breaks, why should you? I'll tell you why, studies show that taking a break is not only beneficial but essential to any productive venture.

Forces of evil be damned; Take a cat nap, make yourself a snack, whatever you can do to give your batteries a quick recharge and THEN you can head back into the breach and bring justice to this crazy world.

3. Drink.

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Listen, I want you to take this with a grain of salt (and a lime). Self-medication can be a slippery slope. If you can't handle your buzz, this option may not be for you. If you CAN however, crawl into a bottle of Jack and don't come out until the only thing you feel is the kind of pain Fitzgerald wrote about.

4. Cry.

Nobody LIKES to do it. Hell, some people are so averse to it that they've huddled themselves inside of a cocoon of cold distance that is as impenetrable as reinforced concrete. Sometimes all you need is to let it out. Turn on the water works, take an emotional poop, come to Jesus, however you wanna put it.

Don't believe me? The evidence is evident. Get yourself to a quiet place, grab your favorite stuffed animal and let the river take you away.

5. Cute Fluffy Animals

The internet and I have had a varied relationship over the years. Sometimes I'd find a cool new flash game to play, other times I was treated to images of abject horror. What's always been around though is the unquestionable abundance of fuzzy creatures to remind you that this planet is good at heart and is capable of wonder beyond our wildest expectations.

At the end of the day. We have no idea what's going to happen. Overwhelming though it may be, we are obligated to stay informed. All I ask is that you take these little nuggets of wisdom into account when the migraines start.

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