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20 Gorgeous Dishes I've Had In Melbourne That Blew My Mind

My last couple years in Melbourne have been mostly dictated by dining out and chomping, thanks to my Instagram addiction. I'm popular (read: detested) for making other people wait and longingly stare at their food while I desperately try to have a good shot for my Instagram account. Scroll down for major eye candy.

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1. Chocolate Ripple French Toast @ Rivers of Yarrambat, Yarrambat

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

CANNOT wait to go back here! I went here on a rainy day and was flabbergasted by the view. I sat by the glass wall, overlooking a paddling of ducks in their beautiful pond, and hopping kangaroos on a huge patch of grassland. This french toast was heart warming and delicious. A glass of latte and some strawberries on the plate helped me cut through its sweetness.

2. Margherita Pizza @ 90 Secondi, Docklands

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

This pizza had me craving for it even 4 weeks later. How can such a simple, crusty, cheesy, saucy, tasty margherita be forgotten? I had it with some Italian salad on the side. Soooooo goooooooood!

3. The Colossal @ The Pancake Parlour, Northland

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

I and my husband go here on Valentine's day every year (because it's too dangerous to have it more than once a year) because 6 scoops of ice cream, bananas, cherries, chocolate fudge, cream, chocolate mousse, nuts and slurp slurp slurp.

4. Veggie Panini @ Shillinglaw Cafe, Eltham

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

Going here on a sunny day was my best decision ever. I can still feel the crispiness of panini in my mouth. Oh and what a beautiful salad dressing! Also, this place is kids friendly.

5. Veggie Burger @ Rocket Burgers & Fries, CBD

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

Went here on my 30min lunch break and got enough time to eat and rest. Service is real fast here, and I can't believe how they make it so scrumptious. Go and find out for yourself.

6. Moussaka @ Urban Grooves Cafe, Greensborough

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

My mum-in-law and I both ordered Moussaka and loved it equally! What a treat on a chilly morning. Luuurrrrrve its layer of cheese and potato and piping hot vegetables underneath. You have to go with an empty stomach to eat this.

7. Hot Chocolate @ Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters, CBD

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

This, sort of, felt like a bit of DIY hot chocolate. I was able to add fairy floss into dark chocolate and adjust its sweetness to my taste. Could probably drink this on an hourly basis. No kidding.

8. Pumpkin Soup @ Witches In Britches, West Melbourne

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

That's right. PUMPKIN SOUP! I had to put a bland looking pumpkin soup on this list because I think I could eat it every day of my life! My first mouthful was full of divine surprise so I mopped it up. Slurpity slurp!

9. French Toast @ Hendricks Cafe, Mordialloc

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

I didn't really like the idea of ordering French toast until I read about this one on the menu. Thick slice of toast, fairy floss, chocolate mud and poached quince. Could you want anything else?? Actually, a latte would be nice. Yep.

10. Charred Corn @ Fonda, Hawthorn

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

Corn? Ahuh. SERIOUSLY? Yes! I really needed to put this on the list of DELICIOUSNESS because, well, it was delicious. Never have I ever had corn tasting so awesome.

11. Palak Panner, Shahi Paneer and Dahl Tadka @ Man-O-Salwa, Clayton

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

This place is a proof that I can find noteworthy Indian food outside of India too. Cannot recommend highly enough! Now get outta here and cash me at Man-O-Salwa. How bow dah?

12. Bean Tacos @ Amigos, CBD

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

I tell everyone that Amigos makes the BEST GUAC EVAAAA! It tastes quite creamy and I love it. Go get brain freeze from their Strawberry Margarita, or take a Tequila Flight.

13. Veggie Burger @ The Resistance Bar & Cafe, Hawthorn

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

It takes *REALLY* long to get your burgers but I swear it's SO worth the wait. I was legit speechless (in a good way, obviously) after my first bite. They also made me a special cocktail because what I ordered was unavailable at the time. Thank you kind staff. I will forever remember your service.

14. Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung, CBD

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

If you find this photo on my Instagram, the caption reads: OH MY GOD HOW GOOD ARE THESE DUMPLINGS! Yep. It left a mark in my food memories. I also gloriously struggled with the chopsticks. That left a scar on my memories.

15. Burrito Enchilada @ Guzman Y Gomez, South Yarra

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

This is the very moment that made me a Mexican food lover. I wouldn't change a thing about this dish. It's a bundle of perfection.

16. Moroccan Stew @ Vegie Bar, Fitzroy

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

Vegie Bar is a religious place for all vegans and vegetarians in Melbourne and we are really possessive about it. You say one word against it and watch our pure rage incoming.

17. Malaysian Curry @ Palms Restaurant, Glen Waverly

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

I genuinely feel that more people need to know about this place. They have such a big menu and they make each dish with so much love. I mainly go here for South Indian food. I ordered this curry out of nowhere one time and it stole my heart. Again, go with an empty stomach cuz huge serving.

18. Paneer 65 @ Nawab's Palace, Docklands

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

This is another one of my favourite Indian restaurants in Melbourne. I had no idea what 65 is before I ate this. Paneer 65 is the best tasting snack I've had! Maybe I should try this at home.

19. Enchilada Chica @ Taco Bill, Greensborough

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

How on earth can we live without THIS? I love it because it's like everything I love about Mexican, on one plate- hard taco, rice, enchilada. Also, shout out to the staff at Taco Bill, Greensborough. You've ruined me for customer service, and now I can't go anywhere else.

20. Penne Pasta @ Da Peppe, Brunswick

Melbournefoodexplorer / Via

My colleagues and I were looking for one of the fancier Italian restaurants in Lygon Street but it was closed by the time we got there. Thank goodness, or we were never going to find this humble little restaurant. Tangy tomato and spinach penne pasta served with Warburn moscato. YUM!

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