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    Take Time For You For An Incredible 2016

    Over the holiday season we spend time with family and/or reflect on our lives and where we are and want to go.

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    Whether these holiday times are a blessing or not to us, we can create who we are and what we become. Take some time for self-reflection. Take some time to set your plans for 2016 to become all that you dream of.

    Whether it is a journey with me or someone else you resonate with. Find a mentor or coach to help you with the process.

    In today’s Ask Anita* I discuss more of what this holiday time should be.

    Self-reflection and time with those we love.

    For help I have a few tools available to you to use-

    # Free Simple Goal Setting Template

    # Audio Detailing my Goal Setting Template

    # 5 Min to Ah Ha moment Free meditation

    Always love hearing from you with comments and questions for Ask Anita. Looking forward to it., comments below or social media links below.

    Seasons Greeting to You all.

    “Plan For Tomorrow….Live For Today” Anita Heidema

    To Your Success & Happiness,


    Anita Heidema

    Mindset Coach and Business Strategist for Entrepreneurs…

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