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    How Do You Say No To Opportunities

    Today’s Ask Anita* question comes from Carly. How do I say No to opportunities without being harsh and understanding if it is the correct decision?


    We have all had those time when we have been not so busy and then others where we are swamped with to many things on our plate.

    How do we know what to do?? Here are 3 tips in our video.

    First thing is it is all about Clarity. Knowing for business, who you are serving, and what is it you are about. Many times we take these opportunities that end up taking us away from what our core business is and then we end up spinning our wheels, loosing control of our desired outcomes, and feeling bad we have let people down.

    What we need to do.

    We need to be clear on who we are and what is important to us. We can’t be all things to all people. Once it come clear and you ask yourself “is this taking me to where I want to go or is it what I want to do” then the decision comes clearer.

    Have a clearly easy reason to explain why you have to say no. Many people don’t know how to “break it easy” and then send people for a loop and tension arises. Once the person and/or organization understand then it becomes more clear to them on why and not a personal attack on them.

    Have a support system in place for those clients that you have to say NO too. Give them a YES for another option that can support them. Have a list of people or organization you trust that can help.

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