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DIY Homemade Paper Gift Boxes Step By Step

People around the world give away gifts to each other on different occasions and events. These gifts are like a token of love. To value our family, friends, and relatives, we use different types of gifts. At times, people get choosy about the gifts but not about its packaging. It is a very disgusting sort of thing. Individuals are concerned about the packaging of their gifts. For this reason, gifts must be provided in the beautiful packaging. Custom paper Gift boxes are very useful in giving away gifts proficiently. If you are going to make Gift boxes on your own then you can check out different ideas on the internet related to it. At the moment, we are here to present you a step by step guide to creating paper gift box packaging at home.

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Step 1: Required Materials

First of all, you have to get the right kind of items from which you need to make a gift box from paper. You will have to get a high-quality paper to make this box. You can use paper of any shade or can utilize a plain one. Moreover, you would require the following items:

•acrylic paint





•sand paper

•sponge applicator

Step 2: Cutting and Drawing

You have to make your mind up about the measurements and size of the box. You have to decide the measurement of the base to check how small or big the box would be. Afterward, you have to evaluate the measurements of it. Now draw the part items close to confirm the two sides have the same measurement of the end part.

If the bottom of the box is 7 inches wide from both sides then you have to keep a 7-inch measurement of other sides. On the other hand, different papers have a different width. Consequently, it is a smart idea to draw and cut the end and then apply adhesive on it. At this time, you have to evaluate the width of the paper and repeat this step until you get all the sides. For all time, take into account the width of the paper.

Step 3: Apply Adhesives

You have to keep the bright part on the outer side. At present, you have to adhesive 2 paper items together and keep up 3 items of paper on one hand. Although remember that one part of the paper must be experiencing in an outward direction. When the glue dries up then you have to keep doing this step.

Step 4: Join the Pieces

If you feel like the edges have to be even then you need to sand the sides. First, apply the adhesive and then spread it equally on ends of the paper. Set up the pieces in such a way that they fit perfectly. Furthermore, you can sand each piece and cut both ends until they are not set together. You have to support these glued items and let the glue dry on them.

When these items dry up then you can sand each side to make it sleek. However, you have to do it only when the adhesive gets dry completely. Now you would get a sturdy paper box. You can beautify this box with different things. There are a number of customizations you can provide to your homemade box.

Step 5: Customization

A gift box has to look appealing and attractive to the gift receiver. For this reason, you have to personalize the box by using different things. The easiest method is that you can download any of your favorite textures and designs. Print your paper in that particular design. Or else, you can print a thin paper with that design and then paste it into this box. Apply glue or any other adhesive on the box and then start pasting of the printed paper on the box.

You can also beautify your box with laces and ribbons. Many people make use of red ribbons to embellish the Gift boxes which they offer to their loved ones. You can also wrap your box with patterned tapes. These tapes are nowadays getting trendy because of their beauty. If you want to color your box then color it in any of your favorite shades.

However, it is not recommended to paint the box directly as it does not look nice. Yet you can use color paper to create the box or can paste colorful papers on this box to make it beautiful.

What if you choose a box company?

There are a lot of companies present on the internet that are providing Custom Gift boxes. You can avail these boxes in a range of customizations. These companies design every box in the best way and select high-quality material for making the boxes. Some of them also provide HD printing services with a variety of CMYK shades. These boxes are made accurately according to the specifications of the clients. People can without much of a stress get a beautifully designed gift box for each object they find perfect for a gift.

Photographs of your friends and family may likewise be included in these containers for making the occasion more paramount and adorable. Exceptional flower patterns may likewise be glued onto the containers to give them flower looks and fragrances. Boxes for gifts might be improved with additional items, for example, butterflies, stripes, bands and different sparkles to make them look dazzling.

Regardless of whether it's birthday celebrations or wedding, commemorations or gatherings, corporate social event or other formal meet-ups, you can get the most specific gift packaging alternatives in a short time.


We have shown you above the method to make DIY homemade Gift boxes. There are diverse other methods from which you can create your own box for the gifts. But we have presented you the simplest one which anyone of you can follow effortlessly and can become a DIY expert. Making a homemade box only requires time and a small amount of cash. If you do not the time to put some effort then it is better to opt for a box company.

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