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5 Ways To Boost Your Career

Everyone in a career job wants to earn what they are worth, so why not strive towards that goal rather than waiting for it to come to you. Here is a list of 5 ways you can boost your career without working overtime everyday and sending yourself to an early grave.

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Have that yearly Evaluation


Every company I know has a yearly evaluation at the least, some even every 6 months. Use the month preceding these times to write a list of your accomplishments during those 6-12 months. When you feel the list is good enough, ask for a raise and show the evaluator you are worth more than you are being paid.

Reduce procrastination

Procrastination is the devil when it comes to working. It can sneak up on you and you don't realise until 40 minutes has gone by. By removing the things around you that cause procrastination, you can focus on your work, get it out the way, then procrastinate! Setting goals for each day can help immensely when it comes to avoiding procrastination.

Learn while you earn

Not all jobs are all go so you may feel like there is opportunity to learn while you earn. There are many courses that you can take at a local college or even online. Online courses typically can be done whenever you want so they are the most flexible option for anyone. Learning while you earn can be perfect if the next step of your career ladder requires certain qualifications. You can get that qualification and present your new found knowledge at your evaluation meeting.

Networking within your industry

Its a small world, somehow or someway, you will know someone in your company through someone else. This can help you as it strikes up conversation so you can get to leaving a good impression with higher ups. The goal to networking and building professional business relationships in pretty much any industry is simply making yourself available to all. Maintaining a professional social networking profile, talking to others professionals in your industry, participating in relevant forums, and attending networking events allows you to increase your chances of forging solid business connections that can help boost your career. Go ahead, go and get your name out there and make sure everyone within your industry knows exactly who you are.

Clean up your personal pages

When you get set on boosting your career, your online presence will be everything. Anyone can add you on Facebook and unless you disabled it, your profiles are all public. This can only mean one thing, you will be judged by your peers based on your personal life and the content you post on there. Take this opportunity to make sure you remove any negative pictures and videos of yourself from all your social media accounts. No one wants to hear how great you are to then see you doing stupid stuff on your Facebook when they go to check you out, it wont leave a good impression.

Written by Alberto Statti

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