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Meet The Productions Team

Below you will find the lovely people responsible for the planning and running around to get everything ready for you for AMPED.

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Who dat? It's Ally!

Ally Jewell

Name: Ally Jewell :)

Position: Logistics Band Manager

Program/Year: Biology co-op, Minors in French, Chemistry and Human Nutrition Residence Life Don for Rev North C

Leadership style:

Eager Beaver: You're so excited & you don't want to hide it! Any opportunity to step up and get involved you are there and ready to go!

What gets you AMPED?

"Working with people! I love meeting students and helping them to become motivated and involved on campus! Waterloo has provided me with so many opportunities and allowed me to grow into the person that I am today. I want to help other students have their own amazing journey here."

And this is Michelle!

Michelle Follinas

Name: Michelle Folinas (right, looking forward)

Position: Promotions Band Manager

Program: Arts and Business, Legal Studies

Residence Life Don, Village 1

What kind of leader are you?

Too Cool for School

What gets you AMPED?

Taking risks and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I used to be extremely shy and introverted before my first year, but living in residence challenged me do things I wouldn’t normally do, like making the effort to meet new people and attend awesome leadership conferences!

Here's Hannah!

Hannah McCutcheon

Name: Hannah McCutcheon

Position: Programming Band Manager

Program: Kinesiology Co-operative Program, Minor in Rehabilitation

Residence Life Don, UWP

What kind of leader are you?

Gentle Giant

What gets you AMPED?

I am amped when I help others, make people smile, am with family, friends and animals, am hiking or outdoors, am meeting new people, cooking gourmet meals, learn from others and teach others, talk with others about inclusivity, diversity, culture, backgrounds, use what I have learned from all my experiences at university to better other's lives around me.

And me...Rae!

Raeana Samuel

Name: Rae Samuel (right)

Position: Communications Band Manager

Program: Biochemistry, Biotechnology Specialization

Residence Life Don, Village 1

What kind of leader are you?

Gentle Giant

What gets you AMPED?

I love working on things that get me excited, working with people, helping someone out or just listening as they vent! I'm at my best when I tune into music! I really enjoy working with positive, open-minded people around me it gets my creative juices flowing.

Stay tuned for the ResLife Management Team involved with the planning!!

We're all super excited to meet you all and can't wait for November 11 and 12! #getAMPED

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