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Don Exclusive: The Ins And Outs Of Proposal Submission

We sat down with last year's presenter and this year's Programming Band Manager for the lowdown on all things proposals.

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Tell us about handing in your proposal? Were you nervous? Was it a complete program outline?

Yes I was nervous! HAHAHA, no it wasn't a final draft!!!! My outline was very rough but showed my passion and that I had done some brainstorming and creative thinking- I put in effort. It was not complete but more so an outline that could be modified in the future. This is why we have a feedback day where volunteers for AMPED give the presenters feedback. That way no presenter is going in blind. Plus during the process up until AMPED there will be a programming committee member assigned to each presenter as there "go to" for supplies, questions and concerns.

What did you present on last year?

Building meaningful interactions starts with you

What was your presentation like?

I had three subtopics: Creating interpersonal relationships, maintaining meaningful relationships and conflict management Then for each subtopic I had a personal story, an interactive activity and some take away messages/tips for the students to useMy introduction discussed my expectations of what a safe room looks like during my presentation, an outline of the topics, my learning objectives and I engaged them by using a humorous story that explained the title of my presentation.

What was the title of your presentation?

Hi, My name is Hannah. I can whinny like a horse

Wait what?

Should have come to my presentation to understand the significance! When people hand in the proposal they can be creative with the name or make it more content specific. It's really up to you!

Okay but, tell us a short version of the significance of the title?

Well in my first year I played two truths and one lie with my floor, most people were coming up with statements that were standard. It didn't show people's individuality so I decided to set the bar a little higher. One of my statements was that I could whinny like a horse; everyone thought that was the lie. I told them it wasn't and had to prove it, so I whinnied in front of 52 strangers. When I did that, the rest of the group opened up and people were more willing to share statements about themselves that were more memorable and individualistic of their personalities. This simple and small story cascades into many other stories I have and led to my passion of my topics. I think that's the best way to present: pick a topic you a super passionate on, express your personality and your experiences through the presentation. OR I have also seen someone use celebrity examples or theoretical stories. The students will feel more connected and engaged this way.

Alright. Before we move on to more important and relevant information about program proposals can you whinny for us?

video coming soon
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Tell us a few of the activities you ran.

1)We played two truths and one lie2)Pre and Post reflection with anonymous sticky notes. For pre I asked before the presentation- What makes them nervous when meeting new people? For Post I asked at the end of the presentation- What have they learned from the presentation that they are excited to try?3)Think Pair Share activity4)I handed out a worksheet for a world café discussion group and present, they could take these home afterwards and had some details on themI did an hour presentation so I was able to fit these activities in. We recommend at least one interactive component however; it is up to you what kinds of activities you would be interested in running.

Any last words of wisdom?

Be yourself! I have explained parts of what my presentation was like but, that doesn't mean that you need to follow it. Be creative and be you. The more you show your own personality and techniques in presenting the more engaged students will be and feel the connection to the topic.

Well that's all for this post. We really hope it helped inspire some of you to submit an idea! We love having you come out and participate.

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