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AMPED 101 (aka FAQs)

No, this isn't another course to worry about this is the low-down on all things AMPED so you know just what's gucci.

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1. What does AMPED stand for? / Via

You probably didn't realize it's an acronym but it is! It stands for Action Minded People Empowered to Dream, because you're action minded people and we want to empower you to dream and dream BIG!

2. When is the conference?

Philadelphia 76ers / Via

The conference will be held the evening of November 11 and all day November 12. You know what that means...over 24 hours of pure AMPED hype!! He looks pretty excited are you?

Registration begins October 5 at your residence's front desk.

3. I'm in the Band!!


During AMPED we use some cool lingo so only people on the in know what's going on. Here's your cheatsheet so you can remember:

# Rockstars: all first-year students in attendance

# Fans: student staff (dons, peer leaders and front desk assistants FDAs) who lead the rockstars from one presentation to another, give answers to questions and encourage initiative

# Band Managers: dons in charge making sure that the show goes on by leading their respective committees. These are 4 dons: Hannah (programming), Ally (logistics), Michelle (promotions) and Rae (communications). They run meetings, keep track of tasks and deadlines and do all the background work for the conference.

# Committees: dons that are given tasks by the Band Managers to help in the running of the conference

# Presenters: student leaders that are meant to help rockstars work on an aspect of leadership that fits their individual style

4. What are some examples of previous presentations you ask? / Via

The First Year Experience

When you're in first year it can be rough, new classes, new people, new campus! This presentation connected students to the resources they needed to make first year unforgettable.

Aviation and Mentorship

This programmed showed that no matter where you came from or where you are now, you're a leader. The presenter used examples specific to them and their field of study, aviation.

What/Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

This session was to help first years start to think about who they want to become when they grow up and how they can get there. / Via

Keep an eye out for more things AMPED; there will be dates (ouuuu) and a theme reveal (ahhhh).

Don't forget if you plan on getting your Maximize Potential Certificate you have to go to AMPED to complete the Personal Development (purple) pillar!!

We know this was enough info to get you to sign-up for AMPED but we'll be giving you even more reasons to come so stay tuned!

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