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Shopping spree? Shopping spree.

Rebecca O'Connell • 9 hours ago

Are you like the Queen or are you more Princess Charlotte?

Hanifah Rahman • 36 minutes ago

One of the demonstrators took the Senate Majority Leader's to-go box and tossed it onto the sidewalk, a witness said.

Brianna Sacks • 3 hours ago

We know it's dark, but just **how** dark is it?

Luis Del Valle • 8 hours ago

Let's find out.

Joanna Borns • 6 hours ago

Celebs' physical interactions are something else.

Ryan Schocket • 9 hours ago

"Stop pooping. I miss you."

Andrew Ziegler • 7 hours ago

My laptop is definitely a Larry.

Erin Chack • 5 hours ago

What the flippin' HECK.

Chris Peña • 10 hours ago

Are you "Rolling in the Deep" years old or "Bohemian Rhapsody" years old?

Audrey Worboys • 10 hours ago

Would your MCM throw pizza in the street for you?

Pablo Valdivia • 9 hours ago

"We're not going to let [the Russians] violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons and we're not allowed to."

David Mack • 10 hours ago

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Donut worry, this quiz is deliciously delightful.

Casey Rackham • 11 hours ago

It totally works.

Jenna Guillaume • 8 hours ago

We all kinda need these rn.

Ryan Schocket • 10 hours ago

If you can get through this date, you deserve a hot boyfriend.

Audrey Worboys • 10 hours ago

You won’t bra-lieve it.

I'll never get over the fact that Thackery Binx grew up to be McGee on NCIS.

Jenna Guillaume • 7 hours ago

We want to know!

"John is a tough SOB," his neighbor told BuzzFeed News.

Amber Jamieson • 10 hours ago

40 years of screams.

Crystal Ro • 8 hours ago
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