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37 Products Under $25 With Incredibly Satisfying Before And After Photos

I mean, I'm feeling pretty darn satisfied right now.

Samantha Wieder • 3 hours ago
Crystal Ro • 58 minutes ago
Pablo Valdivia • 6 hours ago

Jon Snow Knows How To Kill That Person On "Game Of Thrones"

Breaker of annoying long names.

Jason Wells • 33 minutes ago

90 Thoughts I Had Watching The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

We never got the jackass and honeycomb punchline.

Andy Golder • 14 minutes ago

William And Kate Just Shared Some New Family Photos And OMG


Ellie Hall • 4 hours ago
Ryan Schocket • 6 hours ago
Javier Moreno • 7 minutes ago

Order At Dairy Queen, Then We'll Guess Your Boob Size

You won’t bra-lieve it.

Sarah Aspler • 3 hours ago

Let's See If You Can Ace This Week's Pop Culture Test

Babies, Batman, and BTS.

Shyla Watson • 6 hours ago
Lavanya Narayanan • 2 hours ago

19 Movies That Mistakenly Let Things Behind The Scenes Get In The Scenes

From phantom hands to set goofs and exposed cameras.

Audrey Worboys • 4 hours ago

21 College Campuses That Are Living In The Year 1019 BC

You'd think a $40,000 education would get you double-ply toilet paper.

Pablo Valdivia • 4 hours ago
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Taylor Owens • 5 hours ago
Ryan Schocket • 6 hours ago

Harry And Meghan Shared Behind-The-Scenes Royal Wedding Photos For Their First Anniversary

The new black-and-white images show a private look at Harry and Meghan's royal wedding.

Ellie Hall • 10 hours ago

39 Cheap Summer Dresses That'll Make The Heat A Little More Bearable

They're super cute and under $30! You're welcome.

Elena Garcia • 1 hour ago

Men, Tell Us The Ways You've Personally Benefitted From An Abortion

"It was very emotionally difficult, but it was just objectively and obviously the best decision. I can't imagine living in a world where that wasn't an option."

15 Tweets That Confirm Pregnant Women Are Not To Be Trifled With

They can burst into tears or throat punch you at any given moment.

Mike Spohr • 3 hours ago

A Survivor Of The Columbine Shooting Has Died At Age 37

Austin Eubanks spoke about issues of addiction and trauma based on his experiences after the shooting.

Claudia Koerner • 11 hours ago

If You've Eaten 30/40 Of These Foods, Then You're Truly Obsessed With Chicken

There are so many ways to eat chicken — how many have you tried?

Jasmin Suknanan • 9 hours ago

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Australia's Surprise Election Result

Scott Morrison had a go, and now he's getting another go.

Richard James • 39 minutes ago
Stephen LaConte • 6 hours ago
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