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Samantha Wieder 2 hours ago
Sam Cleal 40 minutes ago

Camila Cabello Responded To Shawn Mendes Break Up Rumours After He Deleted That Video Of Them Kissing

With rumours spreading that the couple had gone their separate ways, Camila decided to shut them down once and for all.

Ben Henry 1 hour ago

Kylie Jenner Convinced Kim Kardashian And Kanye West To Name Their Baby Psalm And Not "Ye"

Ye is, of course, Kanye's nickname and the title of his 2018 album.

Ellie Woodward 1 hour ago

25 Low-Effort Ways To Keep Your Workspace Clean

Cleaning for lazy people? It me.

Melanie Aman 44 minutes ago

The Parliament's Battle With Brexit, Explained For Normal People

Right. Ok. Right. So you’ve come back to find out what the hell is happening with Brexit, have you?

Alex Wickham 1 hour ago

Choose 9 Popular Movies And We'll Tell You Which Decade You Belong In

Are you more of a '70s child or a '90s babe?

Kayla Yandoli 10 hours ago

31 Surprisingly Attractive Pieces Of Furniture You Can Get At Walmart

Interior decorator looks on a Walmart budget.

Maitland Quitmeyer 1 hour ago
Marissa G. Muller 11 hours ago
Krista Torres 10 hours ago
Morgan Murrell 9 hours ago

17 Tweets About Horse Girl Energy That'll Never Not Be Funny

Horse girls (rich) are out, cowgirls (working class) are in.

Sarah Wainschel 9 hours ago

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Divorced Dad Facebook Groups Are Encouraging Men To Break The Law

"Facebook lawyers are, for many dads, the ‘go-to’ place."

14 Shows You Scroll Past On Netflix That You Should Totally Watch

There's a lotta stuff on Netflix that you just scroll past every day. Here are the ones you should watch.

Andy Golder 12 hours ago

I Bet You Can't Get 6/7 On This Pop Culture Quiz

"Rise and shine," Barney, and more!

Shyla Watson 12 hours ago

Tory MPs Who Previously Backed A Customs Union Are Now Shifting Against It

Ahead of a crunch amendment that could sink Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, several MPs told BuzzFeed News they are switching to vote in his favour.

Alex Wickham 1 hour ago

We Know Which Disney Princess Matches Your Personality Based On What You Wear To School

Class is in session, so what are you going to wear?


50 Ridiculously Funny Tweets By Women From The 2010s

"Y'all remember in elementary school when we sent the boys to Jupiter to get more stupider? Well they're back and it worked."


19 Emails I Can't Believe Students And Professors Actually Sent Each Other

"If I don't get to sleep in, ain't nobody in this university gonna get to sleep in."

24 Super Creepy Places In The US You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I bet you can't make it through all these terrifying stories.

Angelica Martinez 11 hours ago
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