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39 Products That We Are Determined To Make You Fall In Love With

We put these things in a million posts for a reason: People freakin' love them!

Kayla Suazo • 3 hours ago
Tanya Chen • 3 hours ago

17 Hilarious Tweets About The Billionaire Paying Off Morehouse Class Of 2019's Student Debt

"Wonder if he would speak at my monthly mortgage paying ceremony."

Michelle No • 1 hour ago

16 People Who Totally Called The "Game Of Thrones" Ending That Deserve A Round Of Applause

"Daenerys is going to burn King's Landing to the ground." —Someone in 2013

Christopher Hudspeth • 2 hours ago

27 Easter Eggs And Callbacks You Might Have Missed In The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

Let's analyse this for the last time. Warning: contains spoilers.

Jenna Guillaume • 5 hours ago
Krista Torres • 2 hours ago
Ryan Schocket • 2 hours ago

Try Not To Giggle While Looking At These Silly Pet Pictures

Goofy pets are the cutest pets!

Alexandra Schlagel • 4 hours ago
Alicia Barrón • 16 minutes ago

26 Times Brienne Proved She Was Westeros' Best

Thank you, Gwendoline Christie.

Jamie Jirak • 9 minutes ago
Dave Stopera • 3 hours ago
Audrey Worboys • 1 hour ago

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Farrah Penn • 2 hours ago

Reese Witherspoon And Ellen DeGeneres Fought Over Who Was Closer To Jennifer Aniston, So Ellen Called Her Live On Air

"I'm actually doing a show right now and this is a really important question."

Stephen LaConte • 2 hours ago
Ben Henry • 5 hours ago

The Best Thing To Come Out Of The "Game Of Thrones" Finale Is These Gendry Memes

Gendry Baratheon, Lord of Thirst and Memes, has risen once again. Warning: contains spoilers.

Jenna Guillaume • 9 hours ago
Spencer Althouse • 1 hour ago

A High-Ranking Member Of The Alleged Sex Cult NXIVM Said Women Were Whipped And "Pilled" Into Submission

"These things started to become scary to me," Lauren Salzman testified.

Michael Blackmon • 19 minutes ago
Crystal Ro • 3 hours ago
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