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36 Useful Products You'll Want To Try Out ASAP

Including a protein-filled, birthday cake-flavored peanut spread, an ice roller to help with lymphatic drainage, furniture repair kits, and so 👏 much 👏 more 👏.

AnaMaria Glavan • 7 hours ago

The Best Thing To Come Out Of The "Game Of Thrones" Finale Is These Gendry Memes

Gendry Baratheon, Lord of Thirst and Memes, has risen once again. Warning: contains spoilers.

Jenna Guillaume • 4 hours ago

Emilia Clarke's Reaction To Dany's Fate On "Game Of Thrones" Will Make You Cry

"How am I going to do this?" Warning: this post contains spoilers.

Jenna Guillaume • 3 hours ago

Sophie Turner Actually Gave Away A Massive "Game Of Thrones" Spoiler Months Ago

You mean to say it was there this whole time?!

Ben Henry • 1 hour ago
Ellie Woodward • 2 hours ago

The "Game Of Thrones" Cast Dropped Many Hints That The Final Season Would Be Disappointing Before It Aired

It turns out we should really have seen the shock and disappointment coming.

Ellie Woodward • 4 hours ago

Let's Talk About Daenerys Targaryen's Ending On "Game Of Thrones"

Lyanna Stark did not die for this. Warning: contains spoilers.

Jenna Guillaume • 5 hours ago

Only Millennials Know Which Books These Iconic Quotes Came From

“I’ll be famous one day, but for now, I’m stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons.”

Jasmin Suknanan • 3 hours ago

The Way You Talk Will Reveal Which Actor You're Meant To Marry

Tbh that's hella sus but like OMG wig LMAO tea sis sksk!

marzipanner • 5 hours ago

Erm You Might Want To Reconsider Getting Into A Pool With A Pretty Little Thing Bikini On

"Great to hear that you love the bikini but on the website it does say that the set shouldn't be worn in water."

Ade Onibada • 3 hours ago

Sophie Turner Just Revealed She And Joe Jonas Once Broke Up For 24 Hours

"If I'm happy then I'm not going to give that up to be private."

Ellie Bate • 3 hours ago

Nifty's 7-Day Cleaning Challenge Will Help You Declutter Your Life!

Dust, declutter, and dump everything you don't need.

👋 Hey! Want to be part of BuzzFeed’s exclusive research panel? Yeah, we thought so! Take this survey to get an invite!

All The Best Memorial Day Weekend Deals Online

Deals at Target, EyeBuyDirect, Wayfair, and more!

AnaMaria Glavan • 17 minutes ago
Morgan Murrell • 4 hours ago

The "Game Of Thrones" Actor Who Plays Robin Is On Instagram, And Yes, He's Very Cute

When he's not busy being Lord of the Vale, it looks like Lino Facioli spends his time on art, aviation, and hanging out on hillsides.

Delia Cai • 57 minutes ago

Here's What James Charles Had To Say After Being Accused Of Posting Photoshopped Text Messages

"Why would I risk editing a screenshot when the other party could come forward and prove me wrong?"

Ben Henry • 4 hours ago
Ehis Osifo • 57 minutes ago

People Have Mixed Feelings About The Stark Plot On "Game Of Thrones"

"The pack survives." Warning: contains spoilers.

Jenna Guillaume • 3 hours ago
Nora Dominick • 2 hours ago

Cisgender Men, Tell Us The Ways You've Personally Benefitted From An Abortion

"It was very emotionally difficult, but it was just objectively and obviously the best decision. I can't imagine living in a world where that wasn't an option."

23 Things From Gap That People Actually Swear By

The Gap has ALL your closet needs.

Treye Green • 59 minutes ago
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