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These pictures are worth a million words, honestly.

Samantha Wieder • 4 hours ago

Going viral in mom jeans and dad shoes.

Mike Spohr • 2 minutes ago

Everyone needs a good One Direction playlist.

abbylaine • 11 hours ago

Glove is all you need.

evrivali • 1 hour ago

She ~said~ thank u, next!

Ellie Bate • 23 minutes ago

We're just gonna say it, it's worth the hefty price tag. There we said it, it's done.

Elena Garcia • 12 minutes ago

"What kind of music does John make?"

Ade Onibada • 18 minutes ago

Finally, something that united Logan Paul, Pewdie Pie, and K-pop fans.

Rachael Krishna • 2 hours ago

They're far superior to tapping their shoulder and saying "there, there."

Elizabeth Lilly • 22 minutes ago

But who wore what best?

Ellie Bate • 2 hours ago

Apparently offering a selfie is all you need to get yourself out of trouble. Who knew?!

Ben Henry • 3 hours ago

Something for everyone whether they live for a beach day, carry light while backpacking, stan national parks, eat what they catch, or picnic in the park.

Elizabeth Lilly • 2 hours ago

Photographer Andreas Hvid filmed his trip to the top of a pyramid — where he pretended to have sex.

Rose Troup Buchanan • 2 hours ago
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"If Beyoncé performs at my wedding, y'all are buying tickets to get in."

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.

The crowded Democratic field for 2020, Kavanaugh sides with the liberal wing, the healing books you need. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Dec. 11.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud • 3 hours ago

She took the leap to raise awareness for a disease that claimed her daughter's life.

"He's pleased the whole thing is over": More than three years after Ali Mosslmani's mullet became a meme, his defamation battle has finally ended.

Lane Sainty • 12 hours ago

The university denounced the statements, but some students want the school to take more aggressive steps to deal with racism on campus.

Claudia Koerner • 8 hours ago

These gifts are ALL petty AF.

Treye Green • 9 hours ago

Is eggnog overhyped?

Jasmin Nahar • 7 hours ago

Those things you just can't imagine life without.

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