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35 Top-Rated Products That Are Popular For A Reason

We're talking products with thousands of 4- and 5-star ratings. Really.

These 7 Netflix Original Series Will Seriously Spook You

Viewers beware — you're in for a scare!


Harry Dunn's Parents Felt "Ambushed" By Trump's Surprising Them With Their Son's Killer

The parents of Harry Dunn refused the surprise meeting, which they described as a "bombshell."

Julia Reinstein 59 minutes ago
Josie Ayre 54 minutes ago

There Are Over 60 Movies Based On Marvel Comics — How Many Have You Seen?

It's not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people!

Ehis Osifo 2 hours ago

A Video Of Billie Eilish Realising A Fan "Stole" Her Ring While She Was Wearing It Is Causing Drama On Twitter

In a video uploaded online, Eilish can be seen trying to calm the situation down as fans begin chanting, "Give it back!"

Ben Henry 3 hours ago

Kris Jenner Finally Called The Kardashians Out For Their Constant Public Fighting

"The really funny side of you guys always outweighed the mean side."

Ellie Woodward 2 hours ago
Lauren Garafano 1 hour ago

Sarah Michelle Gellar On The "Buffy" Reboot: "Does It Really Need To Be Done Again?"

Gellar told BuzzFeed News she thinks there's ways to modernize Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but that she's proud the original still stands up.

Michael Blackmon 16 minutes ago
Hannah Loewentheil 2 hours ago

15 Unique TV And Film Costumes To Dress Up As This Halloween

This year has blessed us with so many amazing new seasons and reboots, which makes for the coolest Halloween costumes yet.

Taylor Owens 1 hour ago

Remember TGIF In The '90s? Here's The Story Behind The Sitcoms.

That Literally Happened! looked back at the hottest television programming of the '90s — TGIF!

Josh Billinson 1 hour ago

Let Your Voice Be Heard. Tell Us Your Opinions!

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more!


42 Things That’ll Help Take Your Fall Style To The Next Level

Fall fashion is the best fashion. Don't fight me on that.

Abby Kass 58 minutes ago

Netflix Just Dropped Some Info About This Year's Christmas Movies And People Are Already Excited

Vanessa Hudgens and a cursed medieval knight who's been sent forward in time? Sign me up.

Ellie Bate 3 hours ago
stjarnstrossel 6 hours ago

We Want To See Your Best Tattoos

It's time to show off!

Spencer Althouse 1 hour ago

Quiz: Make Up A Scary Story, And We'll Recommend A Spooky TV Series For You To Watch

Is your story set in a haunted mansion or a ship adrift at sea??

Matheus Saad 22 minutes ago
Morgan Murrell 2 hours ago

21 Witchy Products That Would Probably Make Sabrina Spellman Jealous

Looking for a little bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble? 🔮

Kayla Boyd 1 hour ago
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