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Was going to put a good hair pun here, but none of them made the cut.

Jennifer Tonti • 6 hours ago

Nathan Sutherland, 36, was still working at the Hacienda Healthcare facility when his DNA was found to match that of the patient's baby, police said.

Ellie Hall • 8 minutes ago

Class is in session, my little fashion kids.

Jame Jackson • 2 hours ago

Grab a tissue or two.

Matt Kiebus • 1 hour ago

You won't be hungry after taking this quiz.

Sam Stryker • 9 minutes ago

"I can't express how much I hate fucking bees."

Take in the beauty.

Kevin Smith • 1 hour ago

Diets are the worst. But healthy living is awesome!

Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 23, had reportedly said that they would harm themselves rather than return to Saudi Arabia.

Rose Troup Buchanan • 1 hour ago

Dig in!

ShannelleandTiff • 2 hours ago

"Thor is the friendly jock middle kid in a family of bitchy drama club goths."

"55% on Rotten Tomatoes, 100% in my heart."

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*Throws paycheck in Amazon's face.*

Mallory Mower • 54 minutes ago

Find out what your fave authors have been reading, catch up on the great essays and features we've published, and get some awesome life advice from BuzzFeed Reader's editors.

It's called "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" and there's a lot to unpack.

Ben Henry • 5 hours ago

The people have spoken!!

Colin Gorenstein • 2 hours ago

"White people love saying 'we got here at the right time!' when they’re somewhere and a line forms behind them."

"White nationalism will not be normalized in New York."

Amber Jamieson • 26 minutes ago

Too many books or not enough bookshelves?

It was a great show, but hey...facts are facts.

Jame Jackson • 2 hours ago

The Bad Season is the annual 2-4 month period of the year when you just feel sad, mad, uncomfortable in your own skin, and angry at all of your clothes. Here are some things that might help you cope.

Rachel Wilkerson Miller • 39 minutes ago
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