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Abby Kass • 43 minutes ago

These Powerful Pictures Show What Life Is Like In Latin America Today

“When people look at these photos, they’re confronted with the reality of what’s happening and the experiences of individuals.”

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 4 hours ago
David Mack • 15 minutes ago

13 Reasons To Be Excited For HBO's New Series "His Dark Materials"

Lin-Manuel Miranda's first scene involves a duet with his daemon.

Nora Dominick • 2 hours ago
Lauren Yapalater • 2 hours ago

14 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "We Don't Deserve Cats"

These floofs will INSTANTLY brighten your day!!

Taylor Owens • 2 hours ago
Morgan Murrell • 2 hours ago

Which Actors Do You Think Are Criminally Underrated?

Letitia Wright deserves her own superhero spinoff series, tbh

Lauren Garafano • 29 minutes ago

18 Funny Tumblr Posts I Saw This Week That'll Entertain You For A Few Minutes

"My three favorite things are the Oxford comma, irony, and missed opportunities."

Kat Angus • 4 hours ago
Terry Carter • 36 minutes ago

Katy Perry Explained Why Her Relationship With Orlando Bloom Is Different To Her First Marriage

"It's important for us to do the work before we take this really big next step."

Ellie Bate • 6 hours ago

34 Deals You'll Want To Check Out This Weekend

Deals from The Container Store, Aerie, Innisfree, Beam, Gardener's Supply Company, and other stores you know and love as well as those you'll wish you'd known about sooner!

Mallory McInnis • 38 minutes ago

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Tell us your opinions!


Go Out Clubbing And We'll Guess If You're In Your 20s Or 30s

The shots you're willing to take says a lot about your age...

Remee Patel • 2 hours ago
Melissa Harrison • 4 hours ago

The New "Gossip Girl" Reboot Sounds Absolutely Delicious, And We Want To Know Who You'd Want In The Cast

Who are your picks to play this next generation of Manhattan's elite?

Delia Cai • 2 hours ago

28 Splurge-Worthy Things To Buy During Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

So you've got money to burn? Not after reading this post!

Elena Garcia • 2 hours ago

These Maps Show How Many Cities Are Much Hotter Than Their Surroundings

Big cities typically amplify summer heat. In a heat wave, those few extra degrees can be a killer.

Peter Aldhous • 4 hours ago

These 50 Classical Art Memes Will Have You In Literal Hysterics

"Bitch I might be" – Hamlet. H/T Classical Art Memes.

Sam Cleal • 6 hours ago

There’s A New Movement Trying To Create An Intellectual Strain Of Trumpism. It Just Doesn’t Know What Exactly That Means.

The National Conservatism Conference sought to define a nationalism apart from President Trump, but it didn't lay out a specific agenda.

Rosie Gray • 39 minutes ago

Choose A NYC Apartment To Live In To See Which "Seilfeld" Character You're Most Like

Does not include a door that automatically opens for Kramer to magically slide into.

Anna • 11 hours ago
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