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29 Ways To Clean & Organize Your Car And Actually Keep It That Way

Whether you're kinda messy or a hard-core neat freak.

Natalie Brown • 4 hours ago

Do These Things Belong To Millennials Or Gen Z'ers?

Welcome to the culture wars.

Andrew Ziegler • 1 hour ago

20 Things That Really And Truly Work On Cystic Acne

WARNING: these before-and-afters will ~deeply~ affect you...and make you a believer.

Emma McAnaw • 2 hours ago

17 Boyfriends Who Won't Be Single Anytime Soon

"The Instagram Boyfriend" title is not given, it's earned.

Pablo Valdivia • 2 hours ago
Farrah Penn • 2 hours ago
Jason Wells • 2 hours ago
Jame Jackson • 3 hours ago

Donald Tusk Has Said A Short Brexit Delay Can Only Happen If Parliament Backs May’s Deal

A leaked European Commission memo seen by BuzzFeed News also cast doubts on May’s plan for an Article 50 extension until June 30.

22 Freaky-But-True Facts Of Life That We All Just Need To Accept

Just a whole bunch of inconvenient truths.

Stephen LaConte • 3 hours ago
Ryan Schocket • 3 hours ago
Ehis Osifo • 4 hours ago

Here Are The Winners Of The 2019 Whiting Awards

This year's recipients include Hernan Diaz, Terese Marie Mailhot, Nafissa Thompson-Spires, and Merritt Tierce.

Arianna Rebolini • 4 hours ago

Only A "The Office" Expert Can Finish 6/8 Of These Classic Lines

Do you know The Office or do you KNOW The Office?

Mike Spohr • 4 hours ago
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Christopher Hudspeth • 5 hours ago

24 Bath Products From Amazon That People Actually Swear By

Get ready for the best bath of your life.

Harper Hendrickson • 6 hours ago
Allie Hayes • 6 hours ago
Syd Robinson • 6 hours ago

Which Cooking Gadgets Have Changed Your Life?

From air fryers to spiralizers, we want to know your favorites!

Jesse Szewczyk • 9 hours ago

Stacey Abrams And Andrew Gillum Have An Overarching Goal: Stay In The Fight And Don't Miss The Moment

Abrams and Gillum are returning to their roots as organizers, determined to change Southern politics after getting close in 2018.

Darren Sands • 6 hours ago

“This Is Us” Star Eris Baker Opened Up About Tess's Sexuality

The young actor said she researched other teens' coming-out processes to best portray Tess's journey. “It’s all about embracing love," Baker told BuzzFeed News.

Krystie Lee Yandoli • 7 hours ago
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