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🎶 Where have you been all my life, all my life? 🎶 —Rihanna & You

Jennifer Tonti • 7 hours ago

"We're redefining what it looks like for someone that's a queer person like myself to be in a hetero relationship."

Ben Henry • 1 hour ago

And also my mom.

Lauren Yapalater • 24 minutes ago

Vote on the controversy!


Thinking about a trip to Portugal? Think again.

Louise Khong • 1 hour ago

Brian Kwan maintains it's all for "fun" and to relate to his class. But some are accusing him of bribing his students.

Tanya Chen • 30 minutes ago

#TBT, but make it FASHION.

Stephen LaConte • 3 hours ago

Are you right for Colton?

Cloud nine has been relocated to your bedroom!

Jennifer Tonti • 3 hours ago

During an unannounced visit at the New Jersey facility, inspectors found moldy bread, blood from raw chicken leaking all over refrigerator units, and other conditions that posed "significant threats" to immigrant detainees.

Brianna Sacks • 9 minutes ago

Here's what happened when I went on "Couples Court With The Cutlers."

Matt Stopera • 34 minutes ago
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Courteney and Jennifer were with friends on their way to Mexico when a tire on their private jet exploded, leaving it circling in the air for four hours.

Ben Henry • 6 hours ago

I literally cannot stress enough how much you NEED to watch this show.

Nora Dominick • 21 minutes ago

*Swoons in British*

American Airlines told BuzzFeed News that the camera hardware “has never been activated.”

Nicole Nguyen • 1 hour ago

But the real question is, Bughead or Varchie?

This is not a drill.

Ehis Osifo • 26 minutes ago

Are you there for the right reasons?


Do you like mornings or hate them?

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