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Emma McAnaw • 3 hours ago

Better add all of these to your rewatch list.

Isha Bassi • 4 hours ago

Everyone's got a little witchiness in them!

Mireya González • 1 hour ago

The Lakeland, Florida, commissioner also resigned from his position after turning himself in.

Ellie Hall • 7 hours ago

Let's settle this!

Andrew Ziegler • 5 hours ago

"It's impossible to buy a mirror that isn't used."

Ryan Schocket • 2 hours ago

They go together but they are very different.

Erin Chack • 2 hours ago

Adenovirus typically causes coldlike symptoms, but the strain that's spreading in the outbreak has killed some "medically fragile children."

Theresa Tamkins • 6 hours ago

This show is even spookier when you look closer.

Jenna Guillaume • 49 minutes ago

All the things you were too scared to notice in the moment!

Christopher Hudspeth • 3 hours ago

Let's get watching!


It's science (no it's not).

Crystal Ro • 12 hours ago

Weary of their platforms being abused, Facebook and Twitter have streamlined a process for states to flag election lies.

Kevin Collier • 3 hours ago

Spring, summer, fall, or winter?

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I apologize in advance.

Kevin Smith • 4 hours ago

The struggle is real.

Alicia Barrón • 5 hours ago

"Hermany Grinder: Top Student at Chogborts!"

Crystal Ro • 9 hours ago

Kemp, Georgia secretary of state, said the idea that there's voter suppression is a "farce."

Ryan C. Brooks • 1 hour ago

"The real environmental tragedy is that this was one of only a handful of sandy islands that stuck out above the ocean for monk seals to pup their babies."

First impressions are important, so why not get a mat that encompasses all that you are?

Ignacia Fulcher • 1 hour ago

Was it under $50 and it changed your life? We wanna know about it!

Jennifer Tonti • 8 hours ago

"If you touch a baby bird its parents will abandon it."

Jon-Michael Poff • 3 hours ago
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