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27 Things That'll Help Make Your Desk Into Your Happy Place

You have to sit there almost every day so you might as well like it.

Rebecca O'Connell 6 hours ago

Troian Bellisario Casually Shared Her Daughter's Name A Year After Giving Birth

If you ever need someone to keep a secret, Troian is your girl.

Marissa G. Muller 2 hours ago
Marissa G. Muller 4 hours ago
Morgan Murrell 4 hours ago
Stephen LaConte 10 hours ago
Allie Hayes 2 hours ago
Sarah Aspler 3 hours ago

Justin Trudeau Narrowly Survived Canada's Election To Win A Second Term As Prime Minister

The 2019 election campaign was one of the most divisive and negative in Canadian history.

Amber Jamieson 3 hours ago

100 Period Tweets That Will Make Anyone Who Has One Laugh Then Cry

"[arm falls off] probably cuz my period’s soon."

Crystal Ro 4 hours ago

20 Tweets For Anyone Who's Ever Experienced The Struggle Of Being In A Situationship

A moment of silence for everyone waiting for that text back.

Kelly Martinez 5 hours ago

A Woman Was Shot And Killed While Playing Pokémon Go

Cayla Campos was shot while trying to drive away after witnessing a robbery and crashed her car into an unoccupied home, police said.

Julia Reinstein 8 hours ago

17 Totally Cringeworthy — And Seriously Hilarious — Breakup Stories I Wasn't Prepared For

"The officer dragged him away crying and screaming Weezer lyrics."

Asia McLain 7 hours ago

A Mom Has Been Charged With The Murder Of Her 7-Year-Old Daughter After Allegedly Faking Her “Terminal Illness”

Kelly Turner was indicted on charges of murder, child abuse, and charitable fraud related to the death of Olivia Gant, whose “bucket list” garnered media attention in 2017.

Tasneem Nashrulla 7 hours ago

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This Couple's Spectacular Engagement Photo Fail Has Gone Viral

“I kind of over-adjusted,” the groom-to-be told BuzzFeed News.

David Mack 8 hours ago

Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Forgot Their Wedding Anniversary But Their Excuse Makes Up For It

"When you are living with gratitude each moment, the dates become irrelevant."

Morgan Murrell 8 hours ago

13 Hilarious Fails Of The Week

"I'm jealous of your heart."

Ryan Schocket 10 hours ago
Andrew Ziegler 5 hours ago
Dave Stopera 9 hours ago
Rachel Dunkel 5 hours ago
Morgan Murrell 7 hours ago
Marissa G. Muller 7 hours ago
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