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Maitland Quitmeyer 7 hours ago

15 Husband Texts That Made Their Wives Second Guess Their Vows

Literally no one:................. Husbands: "I'm pooping out of my mind."

Asia McLain 1 hour ago
Taylor Owens 25 minutes ago

29 Astonishing Facts About Nature That I Actually Can't Believe Are True

There's a freaking snake that is LYING about being a spider!

Sam Cleal 1 hour ago
Jenna Guillaume 3 hours ago
Morgan Murrell 55 minutes ago
Crystal Ro 2 hours ago

15 Tumblr Posts For People Who Want To Adopt Baby Yoda From "The Mandalorian"

Also accepting name submissions since "baby Yoda" isn't technically accurate.

Tessa Fahey 16 minutes ago

21 Of The Best Holiday TV Episodes To Get You Through The Rest Of The Year

"Well, happy birthday, Jesus. Sorry your party's so lame."

Tell Us The Most Savage Disney Movie Insult Of All Time

"You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity." — Toy Story

Kayla Yandoli 20 minutes ago
Crystal Ro 2 hours ago
Ellie Woodward 6 hours ago

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

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21 Pictures That Prove Humanity Has Truly Lost Its Way

What did we do to deserve this?

Alex Naidus 3 hours ago
Jame Jackson 1 hour ago

This Thanksgiving Quiz Will Accurately Reveal Which Celebrity Is Meant To Be Your BFF

Rihanna + turkey: what better combination could there be?

What Are The Most Overrated Tattoos Of This Decade?

Single-needle, under-boob, and feathers, OH MY!

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