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Maitland Quitmeyer • 7 hours ago
Brian Galindo • 5 hours ago
Rebecca O'Connell • 7 minutes ago

The "Storm Area 51" Event Didn't Live Up To The Hype But Alien Believers Still Found Their People

"If I didn't come here, I'd just be refreshing the news all day trying to find out what's going on."

Salvador Hernandez • 5 hours ago

Can You Raid Area 51 And Steal An Alien Without Getting Caught?

You think you've got what it takes?

Audrey Worboys • 8 hours ago
Mike Spohr • 5 hours ago

31 Of The Best Formal Dresses You Can Get On Amazon

In short: Dresses for all the weddings you *do* want to attend...along with the ones you don't.

AnaMaria Glavan • 1 hour ago

These Are The Things Teens Will Miss If Climate Change Destroys Earth

“Everything. I’m only 17, I haven’t lived. It’s scary.”

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 9 hours ago

31 Things To Buy If You're Slowly Becoming Your Parents

Are you truly your parents' child if you haven't bought these yet?

Melanie Aman • 2 hours ago

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From the enormous marches around the world against climate change to the pro-democracy protests that continue in Hong Kong, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from this past week.

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 10 hours ago
Dave Stopera • 11 hours ago

28 Cheap Things That'll Help Make Your Hair Better Than Ever

These products might just get you out of your next ~ hairy ~ situation. You're welcome.

Heather Braga • 2 hours ago

Unvaccinated Children Are Now Barred From Going To School In New York — And Their Anti-Vax Parents Are Really Mad

This summer, amid the worst measles outbreak in decades, New York passed a law that says children who are not vaccinated can’t attend classes. It went into effect this week.

Ellie Hall • 8 hours ago

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21 Awfully Weird Things Teachers Have Caught Their Students Secretly Doing

"I saw something I will never be able to unsee..."

Krista Torres • 8 hours ago
Rebecca O'Connell • 4 hours ago

21 Bizarre Fads From The 2010s That We Forgot About

We all remember where we were when the Kony 2012 video dropped.

Syd Robinson • 7 hours ago

24 Affordable And Comfy Sweaters You'll Almost Never Want To Take Off

"On my way" really means "Still picking out which sweater to wear."

Jennifer Tonti • 5 hours ago
Pablo Valdivia • 11 hours ago

31 Gorgeous Dresses To Wear All Autumn Long

I'll say it now and I'll say it again: Fall is the best season for fashion.

Kayla Suazo • 6 hours ago
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