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35 Top-Rated Products That Are Popular For A Reason

We're talking products with thousands of 4- and 5-star ratings. Really.

Colin Gorenstein just now

Miranda Kerr Revealed The Name Of Her Newborn Son In An Adorable Instagram Post

"We couldn't be more excited to welcome our beautiful son into our family."

Ben Henry 2 hours ago

The Facebook Trap: How A Marketing Firm Targeted People All Over The World In A Massive Facebook Scam

Asher Burke built his company on the back of one of the internet’s most persistent, lucrative, and sophisticated scams — and then it all fell apart.

Craig Silverman 22 minutes ago

23 Products Under $10 That Might Help Boost Your Mood

These will probably come in handy when there are only four hours of sunlight.

Yi Yang 1 hour ago
Ignacia Fulcher 2 hours ago

What Are Your Absolute Favorite Beauty Product Dupes?

We need to know your money-saving ways.

Samantha Wieder 1 hour ago

37 Beauty Products Under $10 That Feel Like They Should Cost More

My love language = effective beauty products that don't drain my bank account.

AnaMaria Glavan 3 hours ago

21 Painfully Awkward — And Totally Hilarious — Moments People Realized They Were Old

"The time I asked one guy if he knew who Paul McCartney was, and he asked me if that's Jesse McCartney's dad."

Asia McLain 12 hours ago

Gina Rodriguez Has Apologized After Deleting A Video Of Her Singing The N-Word

"I really am sorry if I offended you," Rodriguez said in a video apology.


A Very Big Dog Named Floyd Had To Be Rescued On A Hike And The Photos Are Heartwarming

He handled the situation like a champ, injured paws and all.

Brianna Sacks 12 hours ago

28 Of The Best Skincare Products You Can Get At Walmart

Because a fresh face just feels *so* good.

Rachel Dunkel 2 hours ago

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more.

Marissa G. Muller 9 hours ago
Katy Herman 2 hours ago

Eat A Bunch Of Food And We'll Reveal Where You'll Spend Your Retirement

Hawaii seems like a good idea right about now.

rheakurien 12 hours ago

25 Beauty Products From Walmart To Help You Nail That No-Makeup Look

For the days when you want that, "I just rolled out of bed" look...even though you definitely didn't.

Courtney Hayes 2 hours ago

Are You A Kid Or An Adult? This Food Quiz Will Reveal The Answer

We all have a little kid in might just BE a kid too.

A British Family Says It Is Being Detained In The US In "Disgusting" Conditions After Accidentally Crossing The Border

"We are in disbelief that a government would do this to human beings," said the 24-year-old British woman, who is being detained with her three-month-old baby.

Adolfo Flores 10 hours ago

Elizabeth Warren’s Rivals Came At Her Like She’s The Frontrunner

Now that she's at the center of the primary, Elizabeth Warren’s rivals are training their attacks, and their plays for attention, on her.

Ruby Cramer 8 hours ago

21 Hilariously Honest Parents Who Tweeted To Keep From Crying

"When my 10-year-old asks for something and I just give a huge sigh, she says, 'Yay!' because she knows she's already won."

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