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29 "As Seen On TV" Products That Actually Follow Through On Their Claims

Reading these in your best infomercial voice is not required, just highly encouraged.

Emma McAnaw • 5 hours ago

This Herb Test Is Super Easy, But I Bet You Can't Get 9 Correct

So many herbs, so little thyme.

Sarah Aspler • 9 hours ago

22 Unrealistic Things Women Always Seem To Do In Straight Porn

We never need lube! We're always wet!!!

Lara Parker • 3 hours ago
Sarah Aspler • 7 hours ago

Order Off A Menu From 1860 And We'll Tell You What Job You'd Have Had Back Then

Thank you kindly for dining with us, good sir and madam!

Mike Spohr • 2 hours ago
Audrey Worboys • 4 hours ago

How Much Do You Actually Care About The Environment?

It’s never been more urgent or important to do your bit for Mother Nature.

Julia Willing • 50 minutes ago

19 Actors Who Originally Auditioned For One Role, But Got Cast As Another

Tom Hiddleston originally auditioned for Thor before being cast as Loki.

Nora Dominick • 2 hours ago

18 People Who Were Just So, So Naive

Honestly, it's amazing to find a single innocent person on the internet these days.

Andy Golder • 5 hours ago

23 Marvel Movie Details That Show How Much Thought Went Into Them

I could watch these movies 100 times and still not catch every detail or reference.

Andy Golder • 4 hours ago
Lauren Garafano • 6 hours ago
Brian Galindo • 4 hours ago
Nora Dominick • 7 hours ago

Keep Up With Everything Pop Culture With Our TV & Movies Newsletter

Find the next show to binge, or discover a new movie everyone's talking about

Hameda Nafiz • 2 hours ago
👋 Are you stressed? Hungry? Curious? We have a post for that! Tell us how you're feeling and we'll share the most satisfying suggestions.
Sarah Aspler • 3 hours ago

13 Disney Plot Holes That Actually Have Reasonable Explanations

DISNEY NEVER MAKES MISTAKES and I'm here to prove it.

Andy Golder • 5 hours ago
Mike Spohr • 5 hours ago

19 People Are Revealing The Most Unforgettable Advice Their Therapists Ever Gave Them

"You won't ever change other people — only how you deal with them."

Kayla Yandoli • 8 hours ago
Mike Spohr • 7 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 10 hours ago

Your Taste In Comfort Foods Will Reveal Why People Like You

Eat your heart out and find out why people like you.

Michelle No • 12 hours ago
Clare Aston • 4 hours ago

31 Jumpsuits To Wear On Basically Any Occasion

The few naked seconds in the bathroom are a small price to pay for an outfit so trendy and easy.

AnaMaria Glavan • 4 hours ago
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