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A tongue scraper, butt mask, eye massager, and 43 other products that'll make 2019 the year you do some (random) wonderful stuff.

Mallory Mower • 4 hours ago

This year was marked by incredible images of inspiration, tragedy, and perseverance. These are the pictures that defined the year.

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 5 minutes ago

Who doesn't love a good movie marathon?


A high school athletic trainer claimed his unorthodox treatments would change players’ lives. Dozens of victims say school officials, including one who’s now a state lawmaker, kept “Doc’s” secrets.

Tyler Kingkade • 25 minutes ago

Who will be your first kiss of 2019?

Shelby Heinrich • 10 hours ago

"Your passive wannabe petty comment is simply uneducated.”

Ellie Woodward • 19 minutes ago

Nom nom


Her report also recommends schools adding "highly trained armed personnel" if schools chose to do so.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • 16 minutes ago

What does the future have in store for you?

gabeh20 • 9 hours ago

She did that (to me).

Lauren Yapalater • 10 minutes ago

Nothing is real.

Ikran Dahir • 25 minutes ago

Guys, we get it, you're sick, but please stop pooping in corridors.

Imelda Cortez was cleared of attempted murder, having been charged under El Salvador's brutal anti-abortion laws.

Rose Troup Buchanan • 59 minutes ago
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You'll love these coats so much, you won't even need a reminder from your parents to put your coat on.

Samantha Wieder • 25 minutes ago

#tryceratops #trymas

Wait, they did how many characters?

Femme fatale royalty.

Polly wanna shop!

Alicia Barrón • 1 hour ago

The rise in vaping from 2017 to 2018 was the largest year-to-year increase for any substance used by teens since the annual survey began in 1975.

Exclusive: The woman was told that "no men are allowed" in the women's changing room after gym staff received a complaint from another member.

Laura Silver • 2 hours ago

You butter believe it!

Alexandra Napoli • 2 hours ago

It's the most wonderful, and dramatic, time of the year.

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