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...psh, and Lorde said we'd never be royals.

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Stephen LaConte • 10 hours ago

My childhoooooood!

Isha Bassi • 10 hours ago

"Very classy, pointed support of a black woman being treated repulsively by the UK tabloids."

Patrice Peck • 11 hours ago

Bathroom products aren't my favorite, but they're a solid #2.


Queer Eye! Arrested Development! Apollo 13! The Notebook!


The family of Hoda Muthana, whom BuzzFeed News exclusively profiled in 2015, say they have documents showing she is a US citizen. The government says she's not.

Ellie Hall • 9 hours ago

Welcome to the Shark Tank.

Samantha Wieder • 9 hours ago

Kids save the really weird stuff for when they think no one's listening.

Mike Spohr • 9 hours ago

Now these are some dads.

Dave Stopera • 11 hours ago

Dust, declutter, and dump everything you don't need.


Find out the truth.

Farrah Penn • 9 hours ago
👋 Hey! Want to be part of BuzzFeed’s exclusive research panel? Yeah, we thought so! Take this survey to get an invite!

I doughn't know if you're bready for this.

Mike Spohr • 7 hours ago

King says he was told, "Without that scene, there isn't a documentary." So he, um, took one for the team.

JWM Communications got $17,000 from the government and has not responded to a request to pay the money back, Senate Estimates heard.

Hannah Ryan • 5 hours ago

From Hot Cop to...Hot Trophy Husband?

Stephanie McNeal • 12 hours ago

Time to compare notes!!!


So long, Beauty and the Beast.


Are you more Anti or Lemonade? Let's find out.

Jame Jackson • 8 hours ago

What a time.

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