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24 Things That'll Do Jobs You Didn't Know Needed To Be Done

These products will help you solve everyday and not-so-everyday struggles.

Mallory Mower • 1 hour ago
Jen Abidor • 4 hours ago

19 Wild And Wonderful Tumblr Stories That Are Compelling As Heck

These stories are unverified, yet entertaining nonetheless.

Kat Angus • 24 minutes ago
Matt Stopera • 5 hours ago

14 People Who Are A Disappointment To Their Parents, But Funny AF

"Random guy asked for my number at Wingstop. I gave him yours, Mom."

Ryan Schocket • 1 hour ago

Jameela Jamil Is Being Praised By Fans For Admitting That Money Is What Makes Celebrities Beautiful

"Money is the reason most people don't look as thin and young as celebrities."

Krista Torres • 18 minutes ago
Luis Del Valle • 3 hours ago

18 Of The Most Shockingly Dark Movie Moments That Surprised Us All

Basically, kids' movies and rom-coms can't be trusted 💔

Hanifah Rahman • 4 hours ago

Ross And Rachel's Daughter On "Friends" Is All Grown Up And Starring In "Us"

The One Where Emma Grows Up and Stars in a Horror Movie.

Nora Dominick • 8 hours ago

This Impression Of Antoni From "Queer Eye" Is So Good, It Hurts

"Sometimes when they ask my name, I say Tan. It’s so precocious."

Casey Rackham • 6 hours ago
Dave Stopera • 5 hours ago
Audrey Worboys • 2 hours ago
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The Father Of A Sandy Hook Victim Apparently Killed Himself At A Newtown Town Hall

Jeremy Richman was a neuropharmacologist whose 6-year-old daughter Avielle was killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 3 hours ago

Could You Survive As A Character In Jordan Peele's "Us"?

How well would you do against the Tethered?

Isadora Manzaro • 34 minutes ago
Ehis Osifo • 1 hour ago

14 Things To Help With Plantar Fasciitis That People Actually Swear By

Highly-rated insoles, massagers, shoes, and more products that actually helped people.

Natalie Brown • 3 hours ago
Ehis Osifo • 1 hour ago

Do You Use Dating Apps The Same Way As Everybody Else?

Is "hey" an acceptable first text?

Stephen LaConte • 54 minutes ago

The "Cinderella Story" Cinematic Universe Is Expanding Once Again

Waiting for this was like waiting for rain in a drought...

Jen Abidor • 3 hours ago

Parkland Teens Say The Suicide Deaths Of Two Shooting Survivors Is A “Wake-Up Call” For America

Their comments raise questions about how schools nationwide can better prepare for this reality. The school district said it continues to provide ongoing support to the community.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 2 hours ago
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