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Katy Herman • 6 hours ago

Here are all the moments I have loved, oh so very much.

Scott Bryan • 4 hours ago

"I WILL be happy if its the last thing I do."

Ben Henry • 4 hours ago

She had secrets, but couldn't keep 'em!

Jen Abidor • 1 hour ago

Roll on more couple photos.

Ellie Woodward • 5 hours ago

Your taste buds and your heart will thank you.

Michelle No • 1 hour ago

"My brother would eat sticks of butter out of the fridge under the cover of night."

Allie Hayes • 14 minutes ago

"My girls looked up ' Scooby Doo sex.' It's great. Parenting is great. Send help."

Mike Spohr • 38 minutes ago

"You ain't never had a friend like me..."


Channel your inner fifth grade self, because it's time to go shopping.

The network had previously vocally supported the actor but now won't comment on a report that Smollett’s character is being cut from upcoming scenes.

Krystie Lee Yandoli • 4 minutes ago

"Don't leave your children with Miley."

Ellie Bate • 6 hours ago
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Here's the most inspiring and practical advice that I took away from the KonMari book nearly four years ago, and that I still use.

You can get your Oscar fix here.

...psh, and Lorde said we'd never be royals.

Heather Braga • 23 minutes ago

You can't buy happiness but you can buy frozen yogurt🍦

Poop, sweat, and tears.

Cee Chandra • 1 hour ago

I learned very early that to be an immigrant in this country meant I didn’t have the luxury of choosing what I wanted. (An excerpt from the anthology The Good Immigrant. )

Nicole Dennis-Benn • 14 minutes ago

Destiny has arrived.

Brie + puppies = real national emergency.


The "bag of frozen peas" thing is very real.

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