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Join me in throwing all of my pocketless clothes AWAY.

Emma McAnaw • 2 hours ago

"Some people go to Starbucks and never come back."

Jame Jackson • 44 minutes ago

Up, up, down, down, BE KIND TO PEOPLE, left, right, left, right.

Allie Hayes • 1 hour ago

After being informed of the gun, the restaurant manager told the group of teens: "I don't care — get the fuck out of my store."

Ellie Hall • 1 hour ago

They're awful!

Dave Stopera • 4 hours ago

Guess we all know what we're doing during the holidays.

Casey Rackham • 5 hours ago

Tasty. 😉


So far, 32 people have gotten sick from eating romaine lettuce contaminated with E. coli, which can cause potentially life-threatening infections.

Theresa Tamkins • 3 hours ago

Eat your heart out and find out why people like you.

Michelle No • 2 hours ago

Hope you have a happier Thanksgiving than these folks!

Stephen LaConte • 1 hour ago

A cactus-shaped diffuser, pack of Oats Over Night, pair of closed-toe booties, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Treye Green • 29 minutes ago

Fruit snacks or Chex Mix?

This movie is so cheesy and ridiculous and I can't wait to rewatch it 167 times.

Jenna Guillaume • 45 minutes ago

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Did you spot all the references to the Twilight Saga book covers?

Nora Dominick • 5 hours ago

Trust us.


Mark my words, next year we're just going to a restaurant.

Andrea Hickey • 14 minutes ago

A long time coming — but it’s not yet clear whether Mueller will seek further questioning of Trump.

Chris Geidner • 1 hour ago

"Everybody has a turkey story."

Alana Mohamed • 1 hour ago

Have your man on lock.

Joshua Moradel • 2 hours ago

Puppies and Michael!? You're welcome.

*Knocks all of the comics off of the table.*

Allie Hayes • 3 hours ago
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