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You don't need to have a million bucks to look like you do — but you *do* need to check out this roundup.

Elena Garcia • 9 hours ago

The truth is in the food.

Spencer Althouse • 12 hours ago

Is it Keanu? Is it Nic Cage? Is it Shia? Find out below!

Whitney Jefferson • 12 hours ago

Nothing's spookier than real life, tbh.

Luis Del Valle • 7 hours ago

The caravan is the second one of its size this year. The first one triggered an angry reaction from the Trump administration.

Adolfo Flores • 7 hours ago

Wait, what?

Matt Kiebus • 9 hours ago

"A glass of water is the best contraception."

Kevin Smith • 7 hours ago

"My wife and I met when she walked in on me taking a mirror selfie in the work restroom."

Asia McLain • 9 hours ago

"Being married to Tom Cruise at 22 is something I’m always reluctant to talk about."

Morgan Murrell • 10 hours ago

What's your season?

Joanna Borns • 10 hours ago

“There’s just, like, nowhere to go.”

Lissandra Villa • 9 hours ago

These simple things will make life easier.

Daniels also must pay Trump's "reasonable attorney's fees," should he ask that she do so, the court ruled.

Chris Geidner • 9 hours ago

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.

I have no choice in the matter.

Lauren Yapalater • 12 hours ago

A whole new '90s world!

Just make her our head of state already.

Jenna Clarke • 29 minutes ago

“I was assaulted almost a decade ago, and it took years to tell anyone.”

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 10 hours ago

On Wednesdays, you know the drill.

Friday's speech by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes was “a bit edgy,” the club conceded, while a past president mourned the decline of an “Upper East Side genteel club.”

Warning: This could get very NSFW.

The woman blocked his way into the building and the elevator, and later called 911 after she followed him to his unit.

Salvador Hernandez • 9 hours ago

Milkshake or gourmet milkshake? You decide.

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