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41 Things That Made Me Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

It's amazing to me that I've been able to function without every single one of these things in my life.

Elena Garcia • 1 hour ago
Audrey Worboys • 1 hour ago
Ehis Osifo • 9 hours ago

Non-Americans Shared The Oddest Things About American Culture When They Visited

"Dolly Parton has her own theme park in Tennessee?! I thought it was made up!"

Farrah Penn • 9 hours ago

15 Jokes For Introverts And Introverts Only

"I’m in a good place right now, not emotionally, just in my room LMAO."

Syd Robinson • 30 minutes ago
Daniella Emanuel • 3 hours ago

12 Real-Life Secrets People Said They're Taking To Their Grave

"My cousins think their dad is their biological father and they are adults now."

Ryan Schocket • 3 hours ago

15 Brilliant Therapy Tweets That Are Legitimately Funny

"I love it when my therapist says something is someone else's fault I'm like yes bitch IKR."

Kayla Yandoli • 1 hour ago

Meghan Markle Shared A New Photo Of Archie To Celebrate Prince Harry's Birthday

The previously unseen photo was taken on little Archie's christening day.

Ellie Hall • 4 hours ago
Taylor Owens • 16 minutes ago

If You've Done 11/30 Of These Things In A Store, The Employees Secretly Hate You

The customer is not always right, my friends.

Stephen LaConte • 8 hours ago

35 Products With Before-And-After Photos That Really And Truly Have Me Sold

A tongue scraper, pet hair brush, protein treatment, and 32 other products with before and after photos that are seriously impressive.

Mallory Mower • 16 minutes ago

Can You Pass This Week's Pop Culture Test?

Couples, kisses, babies, and more!

Shyla Watson • 3 hours ago

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more.

Ryan Schocket • 6 hours ago
Shelby Heinrich • 5 hours ago

People Shared 16 Things That Piss Them Off And The Responses Are So Funny And So True

It almost makes you wonder if it's bothering everyone, WHY is it still happening?!

Jame Jackson • 2 hours ago

22 Horror Movies So Terrifying, People Had To Turn Them Off Halfway Through

"Oh, no thank you." — Me to the horror film as I change the channel.

Allie Hayes • 4 hours ago

21 Random Movie Facts That I Have A Hard Time Believing

Imagine Michael Jackson as Spider-Man!

Audrey Worboys • 8 hours ago
Ajani Bazile • 10 hours ago

19 Kids Who Insulted Adults So Hard They Probably Cried Into Their Pillows

"The boy came up behind me and whispered, 'You look like Shrek.'"

Mike Spohr • 3 hours ago
Andy Golder • 10 hours ago
Tessa Fahey • 5 hours ago
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