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45 Practical Things For Your Bathroom You Probably Won't Regret Buying

Yeah a bath mat is essential, but a Squatty Potty, moveable shower grip, and toilet nightlight are the stuff that'll make a surprising difference in your daily routine.

Elizabeth Lilly • 8 hours ago

Celebrity Book Clubs Are Actually Selling Books

Big, book-loving names like Reese Witherspoon and Jenna Bush Hager are following in Oprah’s footsteps with clubs that drive sales for publishers and give authors the gift of instant success.

Elisabeth Donnelly • 5 hours ago

27 Helpful Moving Out Tips People Wish They Had Known The First Time Round

*Saves to bookmarks for when I eventually move out.*

37 Things That Might Make You Think "Well, There Goes My Money"

Dinosaur-shaped crayons, a no-fog mirror so you can shave in the shower, quality denim jackets you'll wear from now until forever, and more.

AnaMaria Glavan • 10 hours ago

Just 21 Times People Made A+ Literary Jokes On Twitter

"Dumbledore: so I need you to go on a deadly quest to find some soul trinkets."

18 Of The Most Disturbing Moments In Kids Cartoons

No wonder I slept with the light on for most of my childhood.

27 Products Your Feet Will Probably Love

Because getting your feet to stop smelling is, well, no small *feet*.

AnaMaria Glavan • 11 hours ago

What Product Helped To Make Planning For Your Wedding Easier?

If it wasn’t for this thing would you have *ever* made it down the aisle?!

23 Extremely Cute Celebrity Couples At The 2019 Emmy Awards

And the award for cutest couple goes to...


A Man Died While Diving Underwater To Propose To His Girlfriend

"We never got to embrace and celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives together, as the best day of our lives turned into the worst, in the cruelest twist of fate imaginable," his girlfriend said.

Claudia Koerner • 1 hour ago

26 Things Americans Always Say, And What They Actually Mean

If an American asks, "How are you?" please do not tell them how you actually are.

16 People You Won't Recognize, But Whose Voices You've Heard 1,500 Times

From the "You've Got Mail" voice to the Geico Gecko to the lady who always tells you that you dialed the wrong number.

Literally Just 36 Posts About The Harsh Reality Of Being An Adult

Being an adult means never ending chores, back pain and being broke.


Congrats, If You Do More Than 35 Of These Things, You Are Officially In An Adult Relationship

"I'll be feeling ~randy~ at approximately 6 p.m. this evening — how's your diary looking?"

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