Reporting To You X

Your kitchen is going to be so neat, you might not even recognize it.

Elena Garcia • 1 hour ago

I loved every moment.

Matt Stopera • 3 minutes ago

Holy crap...

Spencer Althouse • 1 hour ago

Wake up! It's time to get inked.

Sarah Aspler • 4 hours ago

"The Conspiracy has a strategic goal, which continues to this day, to sow division and discord in the U.S. political system... including the upcoming 2018 midterm election."

Chris Geidner • 41 minutes ago

The opening and closing shots are all you need, right?

Jamie Jones • 6 hours ago

Hello vegetables.

Krista Torres • 5 hours ago

"There should be boundaries to posting our homes."

Ben Henry • 4 hours ago

It's gonna be ~knit~!

evrivali • 4 hours ago

Stuff that beautiful face!

Lelia • 5 hours ago

Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania are nowhere near as promising for Republicans as they seemed in 2016.

It's gonna be a latte fun.

evrivali • 5 hours ago

Manafort appeared in court Friday in a wheelchair. His lawyer asked to expedite the sentencing process, citing Manafort’s health issues.

Zoe Tillman • 2 hours ago

Lady-Tested, Lady-Can You Believe It????

“Subsequent to being disciplined, he did not cease his misconduct,” an NSA inspector general report said.

"Lucky for her."

Ellie Bate • 5 hours ago

It's sp00ky szn!

alejandrabcruz • 5 hours ago

Just remember that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


I'm straight up 😂 over here.

Drink up!

juliettemay • 5 hours ago

Share your wisdom, gift-givers of the world.

Katy Herman • 5 hours ago

"I feel they should retract their story. There is no truth in their story about Apple. They need to do that right thing."

John Paczkowski • 3 hours ago

Looks like it's time for another rewatch.

Jamie Jones • 4 hours ago
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