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Melanie Aman • 2 hours ago

22 "Dancing With The Stars" Moments That Had Everyone Talking

Featuring falls, fights, and more.

Ryan Schocket • 2 hours ago

Can We Guess Your Biggest Fear Based On Your VSCO Girl Choices?

This quiz knows more about your fears then YOU do!


The Creators Of "Friends" Revealed The Plotlines They Now Regret

"It's much harder for me to enjoy the good moments when there are moments in it where I'm going, 'Oh my god, we let that happen?'"

Ellie Woodward • 8 hours ago

A Sheriff Allegedly Tried To Have His Deputy Killed To Cover Up A Racist Recording

Granville County Sheriff Brindell Wilkins allegedly told a man "the only way you gonna stop him is kill him."

Julia Reinstein • 1 hour ago

Rihanna Sent A Text In The Middle Of A Broadway Show And Even The Playwright Got Involved In The Drama That Followed

"She texted throughout the performance," one critic tweeted. "Multiple 'common' audience members who paid for their tickets have confirmed this. Stop applauding her behaviour."

Ben Henry • 8 hours ago

16 Funny Posts About Being Bisexual That You'll Want To Send To Your Bi Friends Immediately

"If all bisexual people are 'just experimenting,' where can we get some research grants?"

Millennials Are Joking About Their "Retirement Plans" On Twitter, And It's So Dark

"Hope we don't die in our chairs during a meeting that could have been an email."

Jon-Michael Poff • 3 hours ago

21 "RIP But I'm Different" Memes That Are A Little Rude And A Lot Funny

"If I was at the Cold War, I simply would have brought some blankets."

Tessa Fahey • 4 hours ago

Still Unsure About What A VSCO Girl Is? Let Us Explain.

A VSCO girl is all about, like, self-aware basic-ness and good vibes.

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

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17 Reversible Picks For Us Cheap Folks Who Love A Twofer Situation

"I put my thing down, flip it, and *reverse* it." —Missy Elliott and your penny-pinching self.

Marquaysa Battle • 9 minutes ago

Two Brothers Are Accused Of Running One Of The Largest Illegal THC Vape Cartridge Operations In The US

Authorities are investigating whether the alleged distribution of illegal THC cartridges is linked to the vaping-related deaths and illnesses across the country.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 34 minutes ago

37 Of The Best "Friends" Moments That Happened Inside Monica's Apartment

"I'm Chandler, could I BE wearing anymore clothes?"

Nora Dominick • 14 minutes ago
Shyla Watson • 3 hours ago

They Just Announced The New 'Bachelor' Cast, And Here Are Their Names And Photos

Now if only we knew who the Bachelor was........*looks at the camera knowingly*

Syd Robinson • 2 hours ago
Casey Rackham • 4 hours ago
crazyh00man • 8 hours ago
Pablo Valdivia • 3 hours ago
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