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32 Beauty Products We've Put Into Basically 1 Million Lists (For A Reason!)

Yes, we know you've probably seen these products before. But trust us, it's because THEY WORK!

Abby Kass • 3 hours ago

Natalie Portman Called Moby's Claim That He Dated Her When She Was A Teenager "Disturbing"

"My recollection is a much older man being creepy with me when I just had graduated high school."

Stephen LaConte • 2 hours ago

Dany's Death Probably Didn't Surprise You If You Remember That One Scene In Season 2

It all started with Dany's vision in Season 2.

Farrah Penn • 3 hours ago
Alicia Barrón • 15 minutes ago

19 Historic Photos That Prove NYC Has Always Been A Sailor's Paradise

For this year's Fleet Week, here's a look back at the excitement and mischief of yesteryear that could only happen in the Big Apple.

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 14 minutes ago

Do You Think The Same Way As Other People For Weddings?

Are we really still wearing white wedding dresses because of tradition?

Jame Jackson • 6 hours ago
Shyla Watson • 36 minutes ago
Nora Dominick • 4 hours ago
Crystal Ro • 53 minutes ago
Shelby Heinrich • 3 hours ago

A Mississippi Lawmaker Allegedly Punched His Wife Because She Undressed Too Slowly For Sex

Rep. Douglas McLeod, who is now out of jail, is facing calls for his resignation over the domestic violence arrest.

Julia Reinstein • 2 hours ago

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Andrew Ziegler • 2 hours ago

We Just Got Our First Look At The New "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker" Characters And I'm Unwell

Keri Russell, Richard E. Grant, and Naomi Ackie's new characters look EPIC.

Nora Dominick • 2 hours ago
writer123 • 7 hours ago

Bartenders, Tell Us Your Biggest Customer Pet Peeves

We wanna know what really grinds your gears!

Here's Everything Coming To Hulu In June

Season three of The Handmaid's Tale and more!

Whitney Jefferson • 3 hours ago
Ben Henry • 7 hours ago

How Annoying Are You Based On Your Answers To This Quiz?

I bet you think this quiz is about you, don't you?

27 Little Black Dresses From Walmart Your Closet Is Begging For

There's no rule stating you can't have 10 dresses in the same color....

Heather Braga • 25 minutes ago
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