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12 Cats Who Are Totally Ready To Trick-Or-Treat

These are some hiss-terical costumes. See what Morris will be up to on Halloween, thanks to the latest advances in wearable technology. See the world through the charmingly choosy eyes of Morris the Cat at Cat’s Eye View℠.

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6. This holy, jolly snowman who's making our hearts melt:

12. And this off-fur-cer who says you have the right to remain paw-some:


Morris' costume is a little different this year...


“Hey human friends, want to know what it’s like to be me, the one and only Morris the Cat? Behold the latest emerging trends in eating, napping, sunbathing, playing, and cuddling at Cat’s Eye View℠. Wearable technology is ameowzing!” —Morris

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