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I'm sure at some point in our childhood we all watched Nickelodeon and the shows the channel was graced with. Now at 21 years old I miss the days of coming home from school and being a care free child watching endless amount of Nickelodeon. To reminisce of the top quality shows to watch back in the day I've made a guide to my top 10 Nickelodeon shows.

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1. Rugrats (1991-2004)

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Everyone watched Rugrats right? Easily my favourite program on this channel. It was basically a bunch a talking babies getting up to some pretty bizarre things for their age and their parents having no clue what they were getting up to. Primarily Tommy Pickle was the main character but the show also centre around Chuckie, Dil (tommy's brother), twins Phil & Lil, Suzie and not to forget Tommy & Dil's selfish brat cousin Angelica. Despite being a group of babies they weren't half obsessed with the dinosaur Reptar which seemed strangely odd considering how much of a wuss Chuckie was. Rugrats also went on to make several films seeing the characters go on wild adventures.

2. Drake & Josh (2004-2007)

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This was literally the best live action show on Nickelodeon. The show focused on two boys who became step brothers through their parents marriage and their evil little sister Megan who would play pranks on them. Drake was a popular guy in school who had a band and often performed poorly academically and obsessed with dating girls. His step brother Josh was really into school work, played by the law and really into magic tricks. The show was so funny especially when Drake & Josh would get themselves into ridiculous situations. I'd have to say my favourite episode is when Josh becomes Megan's teacher he becomes so unpopular with the class that everyone starts hating Megan the only way to get Josh is for her to team up with Drake play pranks on him and make everything turn into a disaster when he is getting his class inspected. And who can forget the famous line "Hug me brother"

3. Zoey 101 (2005-2008)

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If you ever watched this program then you'd know the absolute desire to go PCA and as far as schools go it was probably the best in the world. The show starred Britney Spears younger sister Jamie-Lynn and her character Zoey Brooks and her friends who attend a boarding school in California. The school was designed for wealthy kids in particular Logan who believed he was a 'ladies man' and most definitely a show off. The show also had one catchy theme tune that Jamie Lynn sang herself, perhaps Britney had been giving her singing lessons.

4. Hey Arnold (1994-2004)

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"Move it football head". This show was a classic about a young boy with an oddly shaped football head living in New York with his grandparents. The show had some pretty eccentric characters and some with quite bizarre names like 'Stinky Petersen.' The show was based around Arnold's life with his family and friends particularly his best friend Gerald and mean girl Helga who was always nasty to Arnold but secretly had a huge crush on him. It wasn't until recently what i thought was Arnold's dress is actually a long shirt underneath a jumper with quite tight blue jeans, but i still didn't understand why he had such a tiny hat for such a abnormally large head.

5. Spongebob Squarepants (1999-present)

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I find it impossible to go through childhood and never watch this absolute corker of a show. Looking back at it now it seems so weird. It was literally talking sea creatures doing a lot of human things, like why would a sponge flip burgers, have a pet snail and live in a pineapple???? it makes no sense but was such a great show and is even still running to this day. Childhood me was so Spongebob so full of life, being stupid and enjoying things now I'm more of a Squidward antisocial and miserable. If the series wasn't good enough they went and brought the first Spongebob movie out in 2005 which was so amazing at the time. May this classic live on and may "WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA" be forever stuck in our brains.

6. As Told By Ginger (2000-2006)

lookcatalog / Via Flickr

This was one of the less popular shows it seems in terms of people I've spoke to about it. As Told by Ginger followed her life along with her two best friends they try to find their way in school and become more than the social geeks. Each day Ginger records her daily events down in her diary as well as sometime being on the receiving end of her younger brother Carl and his friend's scheming plans. Looking back now it kind of reminds me of a cartoon version on Mean Girls. Characters Courtney and Miranda are like Regina George, they are the most popular girls in school with a lot of money that Ginger and friends just want to be approved by. I've not watched the show for about 9 years but i can't still sing every word to that theme tune.

7. The Wild Thornberry's (1998-2004)

Jewel375 / Via deviant art

What an odd bunch of people this family were but you can't deny how much you wished you were like Eliza and could communicate with animals. Her parents were unaware of her talent and we would often see her build friendships with animals to all the exotic places they visited. The reason I loved this programme was Nigel, Eliza's dad, he was a character indeed. Not only did he have the weirdest nose I've seen in any cartoon but his personality was so weird and dweeby. Who can forget his famous catchphrase "Smashing". As for her adoptive brother Donnie are you sure he wasn't a wild animal and not Darwin their chimpanzee.

8. iCarly (2007-2012)

AKATheLast1 / Via Devon Art

Remember little evil Megan from Drake and Josh well she went on to make her own show iCarly about a girl who creates her own web show with best friends Sam and Freddie which becomes a smash hit everywhere. Carly and Sam would do talent competitions, quirky things, recipes, problem solving and of course RANDOM DANCING whilst Freddie was the camera. And remember Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh he played Megan's brother/guardian Spencer and was much less crazy and aggressive but a lot more weird and odd. I really like the friendship between Carly, Freddie and Sam particularly because of Sam's humour and how much she would have Freddie's life. I just want to remind everyone of Gibby who was renowned for randomly taking his shirt off and jiggling his belly around for some strange reason. Such a great added feature to the show.

9. Fairly Odd Parents (2001-present)

MANGAKATENCHIGU / Via deviant art

I'm sure at some point we've all wished we had Fairy God parents like Timmy does to make all our wishes come true. Of course for Timmy it was never that simple, yes he could wish for anything but that would generally have repercussions that he would have to fix. Timmy's fairy god parents Cosmo and Wanda were sent to him to make his life parents given how much his parents neglect him, tortured by his baby sitter Vicky and bullied at school but that didn't always seem to go to plan. Looking back i realise how strange Cosmo and Wanda are as a couple as he's really stupid, weird and clumsy while Wanda was intelligent and seemed more of a mother to Cosmo, no wonder they were called 'odd' parents.

10. Ned Declassified School Survival Guide (2004-2007)

LilDukeybutt / Via IGN

This show followed Ned Bigby a dweebish kid with a bad haircut as he give tips on surviving middle school such as popularity despite himself being seriously uncool, classroom problems, teenage dilemmas and sports. Each episode focused on a topic from the survival guide and how to avoid embarrassing situations which would inevitably happen anyway. The show followed Ned and his two best friends Cookie basically the nerdiest kid in the school and Jennifer "Moze" quite a normal pretty girl compared to Ned and Cookie. The show did have some pretty strange characters with some questionable haircuts, I think we all know who I mean when I say this. COCONUT HEAD. Thankfully they all grew out of those weird ways when they got older.

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