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    • 8bitvik

      The EDL represent the white working classes of England who have witnessed a radical change in the demographics of the country in the last 50 years or so which they deem is for the worse. London is now less than 50% white British (the native population), which is an incredible change in just one or two generations. England is not like the USA which was founded by immigrants who collectively formed the “identity” the country. For better or worse, England’s “identity” has radically changed and swathes of the population are having difficulty dealing with it. Some English born immigrants themselves don’t feel comfortable with their own identity, they haven’t integrated enough to feel English and yet they don’t fully identify with their parents culture or homeland either. Listen to what the man says in the video “in OUR lands OUR women have to see the same…” – his south London accent shows that he was raised in England and yet his identity and affinity lies to the (Muslim?) Middle East. The West’s recent interference with Islamic states and some lack of integration from immigrants to the West have resulted in incidents like this and they will continue to arise. There will be continuing tensions with those like the EDL who see these incidents coupled with a changing landscape and population as a result of foreign influences in THEIR country. And it is (historically) their country, they feel betrayed by a government who’s immigration policy has lead to separation, alienation and tension. The effects of recent mass immigration to the UK have been a subject of contention for a decade and no government has been willing to discuss some of the negative implications that have arisen from it. As I said, the EDL represent the established white working classes who are largely uneducated and will express themselves in crude, provocative and sometimes unacceptable language. However, they have simply been written off as far-right fascists with every mainstream media or political group dismissing every and any point they raise as ignorant racism.

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