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10 Things To Bring With You On The Next ‘80s Cruise

On most cruises, your packing list is functional but predictable: some aloe vera, a power strip and maybe an extra pair of comfortable shoes. On The 80s Cruise, your packing list is ... well, like totally awesome and tripendicular. Here are 10 things to bring onboard the Celebrity Summit during the 2017 voyage of The 80s Cruise.

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1. Workout Clothes

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Wait, nobody said anything about exercise. But on the 2016 voyage, big crowds assembled on the lido deck in the mornings dressed in leg warmers, head bands and leotards. Turns out the morning "Let's Get Physical" sessions are a good excuse to dance to '80s tunes while clearing the cobwebs in your head.

2. Swag for Autographs

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Newly inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Cheap Trick headline the musical lineup on The '80s Cruise. And you know that vinyl or CD copy of Dream Police is just waiting to be christened by Robin Zander's sharpie. Artists on The '80s Cruise - Debbie Gibson, Colin Hay, Howard Jones and so many more - are guests on the ship just like you. So dig up your CD covers, ticket stubs and posters and get some bucket list autographs when you see them hanging out by the pool bar.

3. Tons of Neon

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Nearly every night on the cruise is a theme night, but the most dazzling night of the 2016 voyage was Neon Beach Night, where the orange-pink-and-green glowing crowd on the pool deck was probably viewable to the crew of the International Space Station and beyond. Start collecting your neon duds now and when you think you've found enough, buy some more. There's no such thing as neon overdose on The 80s Cruise.

4. Water Shoes

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Wait, what? Yes, you'll want to tote along special shoes for water because this cruise is stopping at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, home of Dunn's River Falls, one of the island nation's top attractions. Here visitors can climb through 600 feet of waterfalls that empty into the Caribbean sea. Do they look familiar? That's because you saw Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue frolic in them during the 1988 movie Cocktail.

5. Something Purple

New to the 2017 trip is Purple Rain Night, in honor of Prince, who we lost this year. Let's go crazy and give His Royal Purpleness the proper tribute. A purple mohawk wig? A giant purple coat with a puffy shirt? If only there was another fitting prop to bring along...

6. A Really Big Mirror

"Jesse! Now Jerome! Yesss!" Morris Day & The Time is performing on Purple Rain Night and just in case Jerome forgets his mirror, you better show off your Jungle Love and have one of your own. (Just remember the password, Onion-head!)

7. A Prom Outfit

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Every cruise has a formal night, but how many cruises have a Prom Night on Feb. 14? Valentine's Day falls during the 2017 trip, so The '80s Cruise is throwing a party. One big difference between this one and your high school prom: It's okay to spike the punch. This year, Tiffany performed for Prom Night. For 2017, she's back as a Special Events Host but it's still a secret who might take the stage for prom. (Raise your hand if you want it to be Belinda Carlisle!)

8. Your Talent

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Lest you think it's all about the bands, The '80s Cruise also features a "Star Search" talent contest, karaoke battles, '80s arcade game tournaments, Giant Twister on deck Q&A's with artists and the Big '80s Trivia competition. So start studying now on John Hughes movies, song lyrics, your Pac-Man patterns and get ready to jump on stage.

9. Waterproof Camera

Another unforgettable port on this trip is Grand Cayman, home to Stingray City, a series of sandbars offshore were guests can jump in the water and pet and feed stingrays. You'll wants pics of that. And keep the camera at your side in Cozumel, Mexico, where the snorkeling is world-class.

10. A Few Extra Vacation Days

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Alas, we're not as young as we used to be, and The '80s Cruise is more of an adventure than a vacation. So don't forget to plant the seed in the boss's mind that maybe you need two more days off once you're back onshore. Even Ferris Bueller had to take one day off.

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