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7 Ways To Give Back In 7 Days

It's a week of doing good. Start with a sip and 7UP + Project 7. Click here to choose your charity.

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Everyone gets the Monday blues, but you can snag two birds with one stone. Cheer up some children as a hospital volunteer, and you'll find your doldrums melting away as well! You can actually go to the hospital, or attend an event that's supporting medical research.

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Swap your normal morning workout for a charity-sponsored spin class. If there are none available by you, start your own! Most gyms will offer you use of their equipment pro-bono, or for a small cut of the proceeds.

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Instead of getting home and slipping into your weekly reality-show coma, spend an hour reading at your local library. Reading to kids is fun for them, but really it's fun for you. Find a location to read near you.

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Goodsearch allows you to use your curiosity for good — every search you make through the website raises $.01 for charity. You can use its parent company Dailygood to make your game plays and online purchases charitable as well!

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With Kiva, you can microfinance a small business owner in a third-world country. With a 98.7% repayment rate, it rarely costs you anything. It's doing good — no effort required.

You can give back every day: grab a 7UP, and you can use the cap to give back.

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