Most Amazing Movie Stunts Of The 90’s

The 1990’s were a great decade for action movies and even better decade for incredible jumping stunts. Check out buses, boats, and Jackie Chan performing memorable death-defying leaps. You need Big Energy for Bigger Stunts. Check out the 7-Eleven Big Energy stunt crew.

1. The 50-Foot Bus Jump in 1994's "Speed"

No can forget the impressive bus jump in Speed, but do you know how it was done?

2. The Dam Bungee Jump in 1995's "Goldeneye"

This crazy bungee jump was filmed at the Contra Dam (also known as the Verzasca or Locarno Dam) in Ticino, Switzerland.

3. The Plane-to-Plane Transfer in 1993's "Cliffhanger"

This plane-to-plane airborne transfer stunt had to be filmed in the USA, as such a stunt is illegal in Europe.

4. The Dirt Bike Chase in 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"

Edward Furlong has a dirt bike. The T-800 has a motorcycle. The T-1000 has a Mack truck. Who do you think wins?

5. The Speedboat Chase in 1999's "The World is Not Enough"

A spectacular high-speed boat chase up London’s River Thames, took 7 weeks to shoot, as the Thames has a 9-MPH boat speed limit.

6. The Helicopter Jump in 1990's "Die Hard 2"

During this scene huge fans were used to blow in the fake snow in the background due to the lack of real snow.

7. The Motorcycle to Train Jump From 1992's "Supercop"

Actor Ken Tsang was doubled by the Director himself, Stanley Tong, for some stunts. Tong ended up breaking a shin and wears a cast during the film’s credits.

8. The Parking Lot Leap From 1995's "Rumble In The Bronx"

Jackie Chan does his own stunts. This one was captured by four cameras.

9. The Dam Dive From 1993's "The Fugitive"

Don’t try this at home, but the dam used in the exterior shots is Cheoah Dam, Tapoco, Graham County, North Carolina.

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