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Updated on Aug 6, 2020. Posted on Aug 3, 2020

We Know In Which Month You Were Born Based On The Snacks You Have In Your Pantry


Choose your pantry design:
Choose your first snack:
Choose another snack:
Choose a cookie:
Choose a sweet snack:
Choose another cookie:
  • Chips Ahoy!
  • Fudge Stripes
  • Milano
    Pepperidge Farm
  • Nutter Butter
Choose a chocolate covered snack:
Choose a juice box:
  • Kool-Aid Jammers
    Kool Aid Jammers
  • Capri Sun
    Capri Sun
  • Apple & Eve
    Apple & Eve
  • Minute Maid
    Minute Maid
Choose a granola bar:
Choose a random snack:
Choose some cereal:
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