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11 Washington State Landmarks That Are Totally Worth The Drive

So much love for the Pacific Northwest. Take a #76Longcut and explore everything Seattle has to offer with 76®.

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Not that many public spaces are also wonders of modern architecture, but the central Seattle Public Library is seriously awe inspiring -- probably because it was designed by starchitect Rem Koolhaas. The building is full of colorful furniture and corridors and is brightly lit thanks to plenty of windows. Oh, and there's a coffee shop, because this is Seattle after all.

Jimi Hendrix was a Seattle native, and there's no shortage of tributes to the beloved guitar legend -- from Seattle's Jimi Hendrix Park to the Jimi Hendrix Statue in Capitol Hill. Just a short drive away in Renton is a moving memorial created by Al Hendrix (Jimi's father), complete with laser etchings and even a reproduction of the original page for "Voodoo Child."

It's the stunning waterfall from Twin Peaks! (Now you know.) It's also one of Washington's most popular scenic destinations and draws well over a million visitors every year. If you're only driving through at night, don't worry -- the falls are illuminated!

This cute little roadside attraction off I-82 was actually a statement about political corruption during Harding's presidency in the early 1920s. The site was restored in 2012, complete with vintage gas pumps. It now doubles as a visitor center (so, yes, you can go inside)!

It might just be the most scenic concert venue in North America — you can use the campground even if you're just seeing a single show at the venue, and there are even hot showers on-site. Imagine camping at the foothills of the Cascades...with a view of the Columbia River...and THEN seeing some rad live music, all in the same place!

Washington has a rich history of Native American heritage, and Tillicum Village offers a glimpse into that past. The attraction is on Blake Island, which is a short cruise off the shore of Seattle. The site hosts various experiences and activities of significance to Seattle's native peoples, from baking salmon over an open fire to learning traditional dance.

Pike Place Market is worth a visit in and of itself, but located inside is a true local landmark. The Gum Alley is a brick alleyway covered in colorful chewing gum, floor to ceiling, and several inches thick in some places. It started as an accident caused by bored theatergoers sticking their gum to the wall, but eventually the next-door theater gave up trying to scrape it all up. And now it's an A+ place to take a selfie.

Deception Pass, the strait between Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island, perfectly shows just how beautiful Washington is. The bridge crossing the strait is an arched-steel beauty that was built in 1934 and later deemed a National Historical Landmark. Walk or drive across it, or observe from one of the breathtaking beaches below!

Washington State has so much to offer. Take a #76Longcut and explore it all! 76®. We're on the Driver's Side.