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Right you are, Ken!
  • Sarah Palin Accuses GOP Of ‘Stalin-esque’ Attack On Newt Gingrich

      For a long while, there has been and remains, an entrenched and quietly liberal GOP Establishment which does its level best to enable the Left and shut down attempts to return America to its Constitutional roots. Palin, herself a victim of the Establishment, condemns the unleashing of GOP knives aimed for Newt Gingrich’s back.

  • Gingrich Beats Leftist Media Like Red-Headed Stepchildren

    The Leftist-controlled Media, a.k.a. ‘MSM,’ work diligently to ensure that only the party line gets aired, which more often than not, is in direct opposition to Mainstream Americans. This difference is being chased out into the open, particularly as CNN’s attempted character assassination of New Gingrich at the opening of the SC presidential debate backfired. Standing ovations. Americans know something is amiss.

  • 3/4’s HIV Transmission By MSM - Still Not Clear On The Concept

    According to AVERT.ORG, epidemiological studies from 2009 show that: “The main transmission route (of HIV) among males was male-to-male sexual contact (74%), followed by heterosexual contact (14%) and injecting drug use (8%). Among female adult and adolescents, 84.9% were infected through heterosexual contact and 14.8% through injecting drug use.” And, you know what? Reports released today show improvement by other high-risk groups, but not for MSM’s.

  • Academic Conference Seeks To Normalize Pedophilia

    First, the homosexual movement sought to simply decriminalize their behavior, then have it delisted as a sexual deviancy from the APA’s DSM. Then, they got the sodomy laws abolished, and. under the Obama regime, gained special protections. But their target has always been the children and in particular, young boys. It comes as no surprise that they are now seeking to normalize pederasty.

  • Romney = GOP’s Michael Dukakis

    “It has a lot to do with Romney. He is rising as more and more Republicans come to the conclusion that the Republican Party has found its Michael Dukakis, a technocratic Massachusetts governor running on competence, not ideology.”

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