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Reasons Why Sorority Recruitment Is Like Dating

A full weekend of girl flirting and rush crushes

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You begin by spending countless hours getting dressed to impress

Your recruitment chair stresses over what everyone should wear. You have to look your best!

After finishing touches on make up and wardrobe, it's time!

The doors open & the dates begin!

As you walk towards your girl or "date" you begin to feel butterflies in your stomach.

Will she like me? What will we talk about?

As you begin your conversation it goes one of two ways.

A) super well and your crush begins to develop

B) you squirm and make awkward eye contact for the remainder of the hour

If your chat went well your crush begins to deepen as the week progresses

You start to tell your friends about your new "rush crush"

You get excited to see her & anxiously await her to come back in your house like you await a phone call from a guy

You start getting jealous of other sororities time with her.

You begin to wonder if she likes your sorority as much as you like her

Panic sets in as you begin to think she's going to ditch you for someone she thinks is better

Obviously, no one is as great as your sorority, but she's a naive freshman! She doesn't know!

You anxiously await bid day to see if she'll define your relationship and accept her bid

As swarms of girls come rushing toward you, you can only focus on one thing: IS SHE HERE?

You search the crowd looking until...

You see her and all your fears were for nothing

you run to her and embrace her in a huge hug welcoming her

you introduce her to all your sisters, flaunting her around as your "rush crush"

then your pledge mom mentions "Big/Little" and the cycle starts all over again...

She better be your little.

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