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11 Cider-Deserving Moments

Sometimes it’s hard making it through the week. So when you do it right, you deserve a reward. Take some inspiration from these guys and reward yourself with a 5 Seeds cider this weekend.

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1. This man who's setting the standard for a hole-in-one:

2. This employee of the month:

3. This dude who knows what it's like to have the shoe on the other foot:

4. This grandma that loves getting down with her bad self:

5. These golfers who created an all-terrain cart:

6. These cats that always make sure you get your chores done:

7. This man who's redefined a "self-five":

8. This man who just scored a date without even trying:

9. This skier who's walking his way straight to a gold medal:

10. This dog that proves old dogs CAN learn new tricks:

11. And this dude, who simply invents his own:

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