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    22 Weird And Wonderful Features You'll Wish You Had In Your Garden

    But you don't sorry.

    1. A fantastical tree sculpture

    2. 2 A tree chair

    3. An outdoor cinema

    4. Fern sculptures

    5. A hot tub deck

    6. A magical treehouse

    7. A hanging tent

    8. A pond seat

    9. A meditation deck

    10. A vertical garden

    11. A tropical bar

    12. A unicorn plant sulpture

    13. A pretty water feature

    14. A drinks station

    15. A Japanese inspired section

    16. A tyre planter

    17. A hanging bed

    18. Tree lights

    19. A fire pit

    20. A bohemian chill out zone

    21. A garden kitchen

    22. A birdhouse complex