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8 Positive Podcasts To Jump Start Your Day

Each morning I like to start my day on a positive note. Whether I'm driving into work of going for a run I like to listen to a podcast that will leave me feeling upbeat and ready to take on the day. I'll admit I am a podcast junkie and have listened to a lot of podcasts but these are the one's that make me feel empowered and leave me with a smile on my face. P.S. These are all clean (so you can listen to them with kids around).

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1. Joel Osteen Podcast

The Joel Osteen Podcast / Via

Joel Osteen is known for his optimistic outlook on life and it shows in all of his sermons. If you're feeling defeated in life this podcast will give the pick-me-up that you need.

Search for "the Joel Osteen Podcast" in your podcast app.

2. The Runner's World Show

The Runner's World Show / Via

The Runner's World Show is a fairly new podcast and will keep you motivated to finish that entire run instead of petering off at the end. Lots of interesting interviews and tips intermingled with a good dose of motivation.

Search for The Runner's World Show in your podcast app.

3. The 365 Days Podcast

The 365 Days Podcast / Via

The 365 Days Podcast—Getting Better Every Day is a podcast that issues weekly challenges to help you get better at one specific area in your life. The weekly goals cover everything from nutrition to exercise to relationships to organization. You’ll be surprised at how small things can make a big difference and really add up. Karen and Heidi, the hosts, add humor as well as their expertise to the different topics.

Search for The 365 Days Podcast in your podcast app.

4. Dr. Kevin Leman--Have a New Kid By Friday

Dr. Kevin Leman / Via

Have a New Kid by Friday features parenting advice by Dr. Kevin Leman. I love the listener questions because he answers real life problems in each podcast episode. He is a funny host and keeps it real and entertaining while also very useful.

Search for Dr. Kevin Leman in your podcast app.

5. TED Radio Hour

The Ted Radio Hour / Via

The TED Radio Hour is a podcast of all your favorite TED talks in radio format. I love to learn new things and I never come away from this podcast without thinking about something new and intriguing.

Search for The Ted Radio Hour in your podcast app.

6. Happier with Gretchen Rubin


Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft give great everyday advice to become happier. I like the little tips like "the one minute rule" and "outer order contributes to inner calm." These little tips and tricks really do contribute to feeling happier.

Search for Happier in your podcast app.

7. The LifeBeats Project with Briana Johnson

The LifeBeats Project with Briana Johnson / Via

The LifeBeats Project podcast is incredibly inspirational. Briana Johnson interviews people from all walks of life who have walked amazingly hard journeys and have come through on the other side. It's one of those podcasts that makes you think, "hey my life is pretty darn good."

Search for The LifeBeats Project with Briana Johnson in your podcast app.

8. Edit Your Life Show

Edit Your Life Show / Via

Through conversations and interviews, Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest (authors of The Minimalist Parenting) offer inspiration and tactics to help you edit the unnecessary from your life so you’ve got room to enjoy the awesome.

Search for Edit Your Life on your podcast app.

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