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    • 2much2soon

      The irony is these misguided designers often (unwittingly) use the skin of cats and dogs for fur trim. Fur imported from Asia (which is around 80% in the West) is labelled as the industry sees fit, for instance as Asian jackal, as they are no proper animal protection laws in place. Once fallen prey to the evil hands of the skin trade, these helpless animals are only treated as commodities and suffer in an imaginable way. The industry’s only valid consideration is quick profit. Pity or compassion are not an issue. Cats and dogs are trampled on or bashed around the head, so that there’s no damage to the fur, and they are skinned while still alive. Evidence of that is amply demonstrated on YouTube, if anyone is still bent on arguing that they are killed “humanely”, just to validate their blind vanity and entitlement.

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