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30 Signs You’re A Foodie

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food?

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1. You Stand on Chairs

2 Hungry Guys / Via

You don't care if the restaurant is crowded or fine dining. You're standing on that chair, you're getting that picture and there's nothing anybody can do about it.

2. You know what all the different cutlery is...

...and most importantly, when to use them.

3. When people tell you about their new diet

4. You prevent people from eating even if the food starts to get cold

The food arrives. Everyone at the table is excited to dig in. You put your hands up and tell everyone to wait. You take out your phone and demand no one starts until you are satisfied with your Instagram photo.

5. You know what an amuse-bouche and petit fours is

You're down with the lingo and you make other people around you feel inferior.

6. You try to work out, but you fail... / Via

"I can resist anything except temptation" - Oscar Wilde

7. Or your friends try to get you to exercise...

Fat Amy: Yeah, no. Don’t put me down for cardio.

8. You feed your instagram before people...

...then wonder why they hate going out with you.

9. You change seats if the lighting isnt good

Lighting. Is. Everything.

10. When you're tossing between two dishes and the one you don't choose is better

Ohhhhh the regret!

11. This sums you up perfectly

2 Hungry Guys / Via

Always and forever...

12. When everyone says they're too full for dessert.

13. When you see your food coming to the table

We all know that feeling of pure joy.

14. When you eat too quickly and burn your mouth

Those 3rd degree burns were worth it though.

15. When everyone on the table orders the same thing

16. When the waiter suggests a wine

2 Hungry Guys / Via

We all know that fear of not wanting to sound like an idiot when choosing the wine, so you let the waiter choose, then you're too scared to say you hate it.

17. Your inbox is full of food blog subscriptions...

...but you only look at the pictures

18. When the chef comes out of the kitchen and you go completely fan girl.

OMG OMG OMG Heston is that you?!?!

19. Accepting the fact that you're going to end up fat

20. When you're all excited for a restaurant and it turns out to be a complete flop.

21. You love food more than people

2 Hungry Guys / Via

Lets be honest. Relationships come and go but food is forever.

22. Your holidays end up revolving around your meals

Move over Empire State Building. Step aside Statue of Liberty. I'm here for the pizza.

23. When the food at the party is shit

...and you think to yourself, why am I even here?

24. When your friends ask you why you're so cranky

25. When people ask me how I became a food blogger

Oh gee... let me think.

26. When the waiter takes his sweet ass time to take you order

2 Hungry Guys / Via

Miranda Priestly: Is there some reason that my coffee isn't here? Has she died or something?

27. You have a game plan for the buffet

Always start with the expensive stuff. Unbutton your pants and head straight for the seafood. Carbs are just fillers!

28. You spend all your money on food.

Blow your rent money on a truffle degustation?... F*ck Yeh!

29. You watch every single cooking show on TV

Master Chef, MKR, Hot Plate. You name it I watch it!


2 Hungry Guys / Via

It's just that simple.

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